Thursday, 12 June 2008

Afternoon Snack

Location: Jalan Sg. Ara 1, Penang(Shop next to the hair saloon)

Opening Hours: Only sell in the afternoon (Usually start @ 1.45pm++)

Economy Fried Mee Rebus
It is a bit spicy but taste good!!!!! It cost only RM1.

Deep Fried Ku Chai Strips
Basically it is ku chai with pork and wrap and deep fried. It taste good if you like ku chai.

Red Bean Kuih
The outlook does not look good. And taste vice........ is not up to my standard. hahhahahaa.......
Overall, each time I visit this stall, they have new things waiting for me to try. It seem like they always sell different things. So far I think kuih is not their specialist. Other things is better. And all their things are still hot when I went to buy around 2pm as they just freshly cook.


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