Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Invited Review @ KO-FU- LOFT, Gurney Plaza, Penang.

Ah.... some of you might say... "Finally! you blog this!". ^-^ I am sorry as I am quite busy for the past few weeks as too many visitors at a time. So I keep postponed to write up this posts. As it needs extra time to put all the photos together and find a right time to do my "homework".^-^ And I told myself my dateline is the last day of June and phew... finally I do it on time.
Ok back to the post. First of all, I would like to thank Alicia Ng of KO-FU-LOFT, Criz Lai and Jian for inviting us to this review. And this is the first biggest ever food review gathering I ever attend.

Some of KO-FU-LOFT interior settings and also the three chefs postings for us to take photos. Since I am running a bit late (due to traffic jammed) , so I did not take much photos of the interior. If you still remember the settings of Food Loft, then it still maintain more or less the same settings.
KO-LU-LOFT located @ 170-04-59, Level 4, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact Number: 604-229 5011
Business Hours: 10.00am-10.00pm (Weekdays) and 9.00am-10.00pm (Weekends)

Ko Fu Sesame Seed Ball ~ RM10.90
We start by having two appetisers. One of the appetisers is Ko Fu Sesame Seed Ball. It is basically meat stuffed with some ingredients such as capsicum, spring onion and..... in there and coated with white and black sesame seed. It is then served with some sauce.

Crystal Spring Roll Skin Stuff with Vege & Chicken Meat ~ RM6.90
Spring roll....... that's another appetiser we had for that day. There are lots of vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, glass noodles, chicken and...... in the spring roll. It is good for those who want to go for something light and healthy eating style. As some think that it is a bit tasteless if it does not go with the sauce provided.

Photos from clockwise are Pork Dumpling with Fish Roes (Siew Mai), Signature Steamed Custard Creamy Bun, Minced Squid with Crab Claw Meat and Steamed Fresh Prawn Dumpling (Har Kau).
Next, we had some dim sum. The dim sum that we had are Pork Dumpling with Fish Roes (Siew Mai) ~ RM5.50, Signature Steamed Custard Creamy Bun ~ RM5.50, Steamed Fresh Prawn Dumpling (Har Kau) ~RM5.50 and Minced Squid with Crab Claw Meat ~ RM6.90
Dim sum is best consume while it is hot. And since we took lots of time to take some pictures, all the dim sum turns cold. I personally love siew mai very much when I am having some dim sum. I found that the minced squid with crab claw meat cute. ^-^ The har kau that I had is a bit disappointed as the prawn in there tested not so fresh. But other's har kau is ok. Their signature steamed custard creamy bun is one of their attractions. And the custard cream is not so sweet. So it is suitable for people who take care of their diet.
Overall, I would say that it is best to test it while it is hot. As the textures might be different while it is hot.

Deep Fried Homemade Bean Curd ~ RM12.90
The textures of the bean curd that that they use is like the Japanese bean curd. It is very smooth and silky but it tastes very plain and lack of the bean curd aroma. It will go well with the sauce provided.

Szechuan Aromatic Duck ~ RM18.90
Have you try the Szechuan Aromatic Duck before? Well.... I have not try it before, I tried Peking Duck and also Jia Su Duck before and I like both very much. As for this Szechuan Aromatic Duck, I don't really like the duck slice that is being served because when we had our Szechuan Aromatic Duck, it is cold already. So I really can't comment much about this. I need to go back there and try it out next time when it is hot. ^-^

Deep Fried Five Spices Calamari ~ RM13.90
I personally love calamari very much. I usually love calamari in ring shapes rather than the shapes above. And the calamari here is added with some five spices and deep fried. I still prefer the original types of deep fried calamari. However, the textures of the calamari is still there.

Fried Seafood Emperor Noodle ~ RM12.90
Next, is the fried seafood emperor noodle. The noodle tested a bit mild. And I cannot feel any "Wok Hei" in there. I prefer my noodles have "wok Hei". The textures of the noodles itself is ok.

All in 1 Roasted Meat with Vegetables ~ RM19.90
Ah..... next is the "Poon Choy". Ah this is also another economy type of poon choy with the price RM19.90 only. The soup base is not consistence as some of the floggers tried out all the 4 pots of poon choy and they reckoned that the one in our table tasted the best. But you can always give it a try. As everybody have different taste bud.

Photos from clockwise - Deep Fried Yam Paste with Minced Pork~ RM4.50, Deep Fried Pandan Lotus Paste Dumpling ~ RM4.50, Sago and Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk, Jingdo Pork Ribs ~ RM14.90
Actually I found that the deep fried yam paste with minced pork and deep fried pandan lotus paste dumpling is quite suite my taste bud. And I quite enjoying having it. The lotus paste is not so sweet. As I don't like very sweet lotus paste. ^-^ The Jingdo Pork Ribs are ok but not the best that I have tested before. As for the hot desserts that we had are Sago and Water chestnut in Coconut Milk. I would like to try out their Mango desserts when I revisited them.
And with this review, we were given a RM5 voucher by KO-LU-LOFT . Once again, thank you KO-LU-LOFT for their arrangement and invitation. You can pop over to other attendee review:
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and KDU F&B Lecturer - Chef Khoon.


♥peachkins♥ said...

So envious you got to try those gorgeous looking yummies!

Waco said...

Great! Finally post jor!

Little Inbox said...

Normally invited review will take longer time to compile, right? Hehe...

SimpleGirl said...

yea...seen others blogged abt this restaurant b4....food seems good and lot of variety!

Shell (貝殼) said...

Food looks delicious & a lots of variety!!

J2Kfm said...

given the mixed reviews from all quarters, i'm not sold. really.

food loft wasnt around for a very long time eh?

Becklee said...

The food looks tasty and fresh. I guess different people will have different preference where food is concerned.

Food For Tots said...

Lovely compilation of photos! You had done your "homework" very well! ;)

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

peachkins - ^-^ Don't envy, you will have your chance when opportunity come.

Waco - Ya.... finally ^-^

Little Inbox - Actually because I am too busy in the past weeks with visitors flogging in so have no time to do it on ASAP. ^-^

SimpleGirl - ya mostly get invited review. ^-^

Shell - yup ^-^

J2Kfm - ^-^ yup you are right all mixed reviews. The only way to find out is to visit them. :P

Becklee - Agree, as everybody has different tastes bud too. ^-^

Food For Tots - Thanks you and hope my teacher like it. ^-^

Steven Goh said...

wah... finally, btw when was that be already? forgotten liao. I really salute you, still can remember the taste of all the dishes.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Steven Goh - ya.... finally. ^-^ The taste still fresh in my mind leh. ^-^

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