Friday, 26 February 2010

Restoran New Loke Tian, Sungai Petani, Kedah

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to all of my readers. Sorry for my long absent in blogging and blog hopping for the past months. I guess this year would be a very busy year ahead for me. And I do hope that I could spent some time in blogging and keep my blog updated from time to time. ^-^
Since it is still Chinese New Year right now, I decided to post some of the foods that I have review for this Chinese New Year.
This year, we decided to spent our "reunion dinner" in a newly open restaurant in Sungai Petani. The restaurant just open barely for few months. My brother in law suggested that we had dinner at this restaurant as he savours their foods before and recommended we have a try.
Restoran New Loke Tian
It is located in a new shop lots before Bandar Laguna Merbok, Sungai Petani. If you exit from Sungai Petani Utara toll, go straight and passed through two traffic light and make a U turn. The restaurant is just 150m away in your left.
Since it is CNY reunion dinner, we chose the package of RM378. As this is the best package offer by the restaurant. This package including 7 course meals + dessert. Which we think the foods are too many for us. As we barely finished all of the dishes. ^-^
Let me introduce you with the dishes we had for the night:
Steam Cod Fish
This is nothing special as we usually can get this type of steam cod fish in any restaurant. But the kids enjoy it very much. Which I think it is good for them too. All the DHA that they needed. ^-^
Braised Lean Pork
My sister in law changed the braised pork trotter to braised lean pork as most of my in law family members does not consume fatty meats. ^-^ So this one suits them. As it is all lean pork. But I found that the lean pork is a bit tough. I like the tender type of braised pork. ^-^ The sauces are ok and not too salty.
Seafood Casserole
This is the combination of all the fish maw, sea cucumbers, sea asparagus, razor clams, broccoli and carrots. This would be my brother in law favourite dishes as all of the ingredients are his favourites foods. ^-^
Steam Chicken with Chinese Herbs
When this plate of chicken arrived, I think each of us thinking of how to finished this whole chicken? The Chinese herbs are not that strong so the kids are willing to have some of it. And the chicken are tender.

Steam assorted vegetables with fish meat in pumpkin bowl
Well, I enjoyed this dish very much. And we finished all the pumpkin. The sauces go well with the pumpkin. Kids enjoyed the assorted vegetables with fish meat. I would recommend that you have a try of this dish if you like pumpkin.
Stir fry vegetables and Prawn
Stir fry vegetable was the first dish that the family members finished. As that is the only greens beside the steam assorted vegetables with fish meat in pumpkin bowl. ^-^ I think everyone are scared of meats after the lunch that prepared by my MIL for prayers.
Next, came the prawn. This is one of the dishes that was finished by the family members. As there are quite number of prawn lovers like me in the family. ^-^ Prawn are nothing special to highlight about it. The cooking style is quite normal.
Dried Longan, Red Dates and Ginkgo Desserts
This is the special desserts only available for our table. As since they don't like the desserts the restaurant offer in the package, we make some changes with the boss. Then the boss came out with this desserts. Out of surprise their desserts are nice as not too "Sweet" which we usually get from other restaurants.
Overall, the foods are ok and not too salty. I would suggest perhaps the restaurant can install some air condition in their shop. As the weather right now is very hot. ^-^ But lucky that when we had our dinner, the weather is ok. Or else we would be sweating. ^-^


SimpleGirl said...

nice pumpkin bowl...

♥peachkins♥ said...

I would like to try some sea cucumbers someday..

ck lam said...

Great intro to this place. Like to visit it one day :)

Little Inbox said...

Well, this is the best way, it saves all the preparation job.

allie said...

Steam assorted vegetables with fish meat in pumpkin bowl looks great! I'd love to try this out!

foodbin said...

like the clean and refreshing seafood casserole.

hApPy HapPy said...

will definitely visit this place, it's near my brother's house. Thanks for the info.

taufulou said... sp loh~ maybe willd rop by when visit my friend there~

Steven Goh said...

wei ah chee... how come still stuck back at feb 2010? very long time no update dee. What happened? Btw, you already sampai SP dee, while I am still at Kulim nia.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

SimpleGirl - yes, indeed. ^-^

peachkins - yes, you should. ^-^

cklam - hope you like it. ^-^

Little Inbox - yes and save some time too! ^-^

allie - go give it a try! ^-^

foodbin - ^-^

hApPy HaPpY - you are welcome. ^-^

taufulou - ya give it a try! ^-^

Steven - ya.... busy leh.... now updating. ^-^

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