Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Maple Palace Restaurant

Address: 47, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang, Malaysia

Contact Number: 604-227 9690, 604-227 4542 

Business Hour: Lunch: 12.00pm-2.30pm Dinner: 6.00pm-10.00pm 


FOOD that we savour

The last time I blog about this place was back in 2012. You can view my review here. After 3 years and here we are the same people and same place we had our gathering. We chose this place as our gathering as it is wheelchair friendly. As one  of our guests is assessing with wheelchair. Furthermore they have  wide parking spaces.
We have done the booking with the restaurant 2 days earlier. We want something special and we don't want course meal although we have 10 pax dinning. So they came out with the following dishes: 
Maple Palace Restaurant Penang

Maple Palace Restaurant Penang
Lobster Salad with Banana Scallop Roll
Every guest was happy with this dish. The roll itself consisted of the scallop, banana and seaweed. Which was quiet a nice combination. And the middle of the platter is served with the lobster salad - which consist of lobster meat and assorted fruits that cut into cube sizes.
Maple Palace Restaurant Penang

Maple Palace Restaurant Penang
Double-boiled Superior Shark’s fin Soup with Giant Grouper and Dried Scallop
Our guests found it interesting that the shark's fin soup was served with the grouper.
Maple Palace Restaurant Penang
Braised Slice Australia Abalone with Sea Cucumber & Dried Oyster
Guests love the sauces from this dish. Sea cucumber and abalone slices were not too hard. It is just nice.
Maple Palace Restaurant Penang
Steamed Fresh Marble Goby Fish with Superior Soya Sauce
 The fish was very fresh and nice.
Maple Palace Restaurant Penang
Roasted Suckling Piglet with Preserved Waxed Meat Rice
This dish is something special. The upper level is roasted sucking piglet and below level is the preserved waxed meat rice. The roasted suckling piglet is very crunchy and tender. Whereas the preserved wax meat rice is also tastes very good. If you have not tried this before you can give it a try!
Maple Palace Restaurant Penang
Deep Fried Mantou
This is indeed very nice. The outer layer of the mantou is very crunchy. It was served together with the roasted suckling piglet with preserved waxed meat rice.
Maple Palace Restaurant Penang
Chilled Lemon Grass Jelly with Hashima Jelly
Last dishes for this meal is our dessert. It is chilled lemon grass jelly with hashima jelly. Quiet a refreshing wrap up for the meal.
Dear readers, friends and families,
Tomorrow is "Chap Goh Mei", so I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you:




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