Thursday, 16 July 2015

Road Side 大路边 @ Jalan Bagan Jermal, Penang

We have been passing by this place several times and many times when we passed by this shop, it was full of cars and the car parks are limited, and the shop is located along the main road. So during the June school holiday we stopped by this place on a weekday slightly before 7pm and there are plenty of car park spaces waiting for us. :)
Finally........ we get to savour some of the foods from this restaurant. I have a quick glance of the food from the food station and told hubby to order the food. You can choose varieties of ingredients to put in your tom yam, clear soup fish head bee hoon, milky soup fish head bee hoon, porridge and etc. You can also simply opt for the normal fish head bee hoon.
For the seating area, they offered air conditioning or non air conditioning area. We opt for the air conditioning area since it is a very hot day.

Food that we savour:

Road Side 大路边
Deep Fried Mantis Prawn - RM5
Quiet surprised with the price of the deep fried mantis prawn. I reckon it is quite good to go with beer though. It is quiet a nice plate of deep fried mantis prawn before our bee hoon being served.
Road Side 大路边
Deep fried fish - RM18
Hubby loves this very much. I would said that they deep fried the right way. Fish just nicely done, not too dry and still keep the crispness.
Road Side 大路边
Pork porridge - RM6
Hubby had this and when this is being served we were puzzled as it was served in a big bowl. We wonder how about the rest of the order.
Road Side 大路边
Road Side 大路边
Bee Hoon Th'ng  with fresh fish slice - RM9
Additional- RM8.50
This bowl of fresh fish slice bee hoon soup cost us RM17.50 because of the additional ingredients hubby added on. That why it appear to be very big bowl. At the end we have to help out to finish all the ingredients.
Road Side 大路边
Road Side 大路边
Tom Yum Bee Hoon soup with fried fish fillet - RM7.00
Additional - RM6.00
Ah...... tom yam suppose someone is having this but at the end we swapped as she cannot take the spiciness of the tom yam. However, i feel that the tom yam is not that spicy with little bit hint of sourness and sweetness. I reckon it will be quiet a good choice if you want to find something that open your appetite. This tom yam also have some additional add on therefore  the cost of this tom yam is RM13.00. 
Road Side 大路边
Ice Kopi O and Ice Nutmeg - RM1/glass.


Road Side 大路边
No.1 Jalan Bagan Jermal, 10250 Penang. 
Business Hour: 5pm to 12midnight. (Closed on Tuesday)

FoOd PaRaDiSe Verdict: 

I think next time I will just stick to the normal serving without the additional add on. Loves the deep fried mantis prawn, deep fried fish and the tom yam. 


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