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I would like to share with you what I think about 10TT SOCIAL TV. This post will also include the information, background and specification about this product throughout the post.


Basically, 10TT is a Linux based media player to watch movies, TV shows, TV series on your TV directly from the internet. It is packed with features and pre-loaded public apps for easy viewing or users can download from other 3rd party private apps developers’ sites. 10TT Video On Demand (VOD) apps pull video contents from 100++ websites and currently features more than 12,000 titles.
 If you are a movie and drama lover, this is certainly a nice product to get. From the following photos, you can see there are many apps that providing the access to the movies and drama sites. It have different channels to choose from - Hong Kong series, Indian Series, Indonesia Movie, Malay Drama, Animation, English Movie, English Series and more from the following photo:
The 1OTT also supports direct SopCast links over Facebook, Twitter post and Weibo so you can follow your favorite page to stay updated to the latest news and live coverage on sports entertainment. It also can access to your PLEX server with the 1OTT and stream all your personal media from your library and right onto your TV. 10TT VOD apps enable direct streaming and no downloading required.
The user is required to key in the package code once in order to gain access to different channels (Package code will be included). The package code will be updated from time to time ( both daily and weekly basis) which the user can get it from the announcement tab in the My Apps main menu.
For instance, if I select cantonese Series(港剧), it will show up as the following:
The first 3 are the folders which can lead you to drama song, variety shows and Drama in HD. If you click in the drama song, it will also show you varieties of Cantonese drama songs. If you like to listen to any of it. Just click on it and sit back and enjoy it. It's just simple as that.
The good things about 10TT is they provide lot of old series that you might have been missed out from few years back.
They even provide the service for you to search for the movie or dramas that you like and that is not on their apps. Just simply write to them and they will assist you with the specify movie or drama.
Following are the "With or without you"(東坡家事) episode 15 that I had tried to view during my review at BHB Ideal Avenue outlet:
I did not encounter any streaming problem while watching the show. It was a smooth ride for me. Watching Cantonese series is what my daughter and I always do after I finished my house chores and she finished her homework at night. That is when we start the bonding time and discussing about the drama series. This is where we brush up our Cantonese too! hahaha........
Following were some of English Series available. However you can see that the first 5 folders contain of Movie Collections by year, Movie Trilogies, Walt Disney, Class Movies and Black & White Movies.
If you click on the Movie Collections, it will show you the following folders:
If you click the 2014 Movies, then you can see on the top right corner, it shows the total movies available. In this case, it consist of 117 movies.
Sometime while watching movies, phone rang or you have to stop to do something. Not to worry. As 1OTT got the function of play back as the following pictures:
Just click resume, then it will bring you to the last watch position. No need to play from the beginning.
This is what happen to us when 3 of us sat down and watch movies - Ant Man together. Suddenly, hubby phone rang and need to answer the call. That's how I took the photo above. After the call, we continue with the movie. We enjoyed the Ant Man very much. Nice movie to recommend!
Apart from the resume playback feature, it also have the fast forward and rewind features too!

And we were fortunate to get FREEOTT after the review. However, The unit is NOT FOR SALE.

FreeOTT is a small unit of WIFI access based for the sole purpose of our personal usage and demonstration.  This is a WIFI version.
 Special thanks to VidCrowd Media Sdn. Bhd. for the FreeOTT.

After I got hold on the FREEOTT, I plug in to my TV and with the cable given. After installation and with the wifi on, I get on with the step by step process of installation. It is very easy set up. If I can install it, so do you. It is very straight forward installation. And you just need to do a ONE TIME download for private apps to enjoy UNLIMITED video streaming for FREE.

Furthermore, the controller is very user friendly and easy to use. The button is easily found. 

In general, 10TT is another choice for online entertainment usage which it provides a user friendly interface and it is very easy to use and setup. It provide lot of channels apart from what I have mentioned. It also provides education channel for my girl to watch and also sports channel for my hubby. Hubby and I also love to watch some cooking channels. Apart from that, we can also have family time to sit down to watch movies together. Furthermore with direct streaming using 10TT and no downloading required it will save lots of time. We can watch anytime and anywhere we want. Just carry with you the portable 10TT Social TV with you + wifi accessible.
Since X'mas is around the corner, I think this is one of the gifts I would choose for my parents and in law as they are spending more time in watching during their leisure time since they have nothing much to do. Furthermore, there are no advertisement throughout the series or movies. And they also can watch the series and movies that they have missed from the past. At least they will not complaint that during the weekend all are repeated movies and nothing much to watch. 
But please ensure that you must have minimum of 2MB high speed broadband internet for most contents, while 4MB is needed for streaming Live TV. 
You can check your network speed @ http://speedtest.net (free).

If you are interested with the product, the following information will be very useful to you:


1OTT is retailing at RM479 (inclusive 6% GST) at all BHB Outlets
*No other hidden charges, no monthly or yearly subscription fee! 


Remember to quote MT8006 when you purchase 10TT. For each unit purchased at any BHB outlets or Sincere Zone (M) Sdn. Bhd. you will entitle FREE Sarawin HDMI Cable worth RM68 (While stock last before 31st December 2015). 


Operating System: Linux Based
User Interface: Adobe Flash Lite (Stagecraft 1.2)
Streaming Protocols
Adobe RTMP
HTTP Live Streaming(HLS)
Supported DRM
AES-128 Bit HLS Encryption
CPU: Cavium ARM11 640 MHz
Memory: 256MB Flash, 256MB DDR3
Networking: 802.11n Wi-Fi, 10/100 Ethernet

Input /Output
HDMI Output, Composite A/V Output,
Ethernet Port, USB Micro Power and
MicroSD Slot

Size: 123.0 (L) x 100.0 (W) x 25.0 (H) mm
Weight: 120 gm



1OTT Player x 1
USB Micro Cable x 1
USB to Power Adapter x 1
Remote Control x 1
AAA Batteries x 2
Quick Start Guide x1


In addition to the overall warranty, 
 1. “90 days 1-for-1 exchange warranty” and 
2. A “free remote control upgrade to V8 back-lit and long range remote control worth RM30 (while stocks last)” 
are provided EXCLUSIVELY through the purchase at any BHB branches. 

Backgrounds of the company

Cloud Media Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2012 as an entity consolidating the operations of Syabas Technology, bringing Popcorn Hour, Popbox and FreeOTT under one roof. They are early leader in development of digital entertainment middleware solutions for consumer electronics manufacturers in the United States of America, China, Europe and Japan. They have won awards winning Networked Media Jukebox under the consumer brand Popcorn HourTM. They also powered the world's first internet connected TV, the HP Mediasmart. 

More information about the company can be view from:

However, VidCrowd is the sole distributor for 1OTT products in Malaysia and marketing arm for ASEAN countries. If you are interested in marketing 1OTT products or other range of media players in your country, please email:  leslie@vidcrowdmedia.com

Reference: http://1ottmalaysia.com.my/

Disclaimer: The reviewer or any other related business entity or website (hereinafter “Company”) associated with the manufacturing and/or distribution of the 1OTT product (hereinafter “Product”) is not responsible for any miscommunication that may occur regarding channel and content listings and availability. You agree to understand that the channels and content are provided via 3rd party app developers (hereinafter "external apps") and is streamed over the internet via these external apps. You agree to understand that the Product is merely a device that allows you to connect through your own internet provider and stream any content that is available via these external apps that are available through the Product.


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