Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Perut Rumah Nonya Cuisine @ Jalan Bawasah, Penang.

We brought our guests from overseas for some nonya cuisine. We opt to dine in at "Perut Rumah". Guests were quite thrilled with the interior setting. 
Main Entrance to Perut Rumah
Some decoration on the wall
More decoration
Perut Rumah


Ambra drink
We suggest our guests to try their ambra and sour plum drink. It is rather a refreshing drink which I love it very much. And usually I will reckon my guest to give this a try.
Honey Lemon

Food that we consume:

Sauces for Jiu Hoo Char, Spring Roll and Loh Bak
Spring Roll
The spring roll is very crunchy as you can see from the photo and the filling was very nice that suits my guests liking.
Acar Awak - RM16 (Medium)
Kari Kapitan - RM20
The curry kapitan chicken has a nice spice aroma and I was worried that it was a bit spicy for one of my guests as she cannot take too spicy food but it turns out that she loves it very much and the chicken is very tender too.

Jiu Hoo Char - RM20
There is nothing left in this jiu hoo char and the lettuce. It's all gone in minuets. This turns out to be one of my gal favourites food for the night. 
Loh Bak - RM9
The loh bak served here is what we like. I like the loh bak that have a very firm texture. 
Hong Bak - RM22
Assam Heh
Overall, food served here was very nice and my guests were so happy with the food. The service are very attentive and we were taking care very well during our visit. 
If you would like to try their food, you can visit them at
Perut Rumah
Address: 4,6 & 8 Jalan Bawasah, Penang.


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