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Invited Review - No Eye Deer Restaurant @ Jalan Fettes, Tanjung Tokong

How many times do you asked your friends, families, colleagues........ where should we have our meal? Usually, most of the time, I will have the answers such as no idea, up to you, don't know, "chin chai"........... all sorts of this.
Ok now, I help you to decide where to have your lunch or dinner. Which is in No Eye Deer Restaurant. It's sound like "no idea" right? Today, I am going to blog about
No Eye Deer
Location: 98-1-26 Prima Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong, 11200 Penang.
Tel: 04 - 8990488
Business hour: Weekdays 6pm - 11pm
Weekends 12pm -11pm
Close on Tuesday
Some interior settings of No Eye Deer Restaurant
See the photos of deer on the left? It is done by the proprietor ~ Mr. Ken Low himself. As he cannot find the deer design photos, so he decided to paint himself. There are more photos around the restaurant. Come and find out yourself. ^-^
Cariso and I arrived there early. And we were directed to our seat. Then we were given the menu to have a look. And we order some drinks as following:
Pink Guava Juice ~ RM4.20++
This drink has a very strong guava aroma. And if you like guava, you will love this drink.
Drama Queen ~ RM8.80++
Glamorous smoothie of pink guava & pineapple with sour plum.
I prefer this drink than Wacky Wizard as it has the combination of the guava and pineapple is so click. ^-^
Chunky Monkey RM8.80++
A rich and delicious banana smoothie with ice cream & chunky peanuts.
There are lots of peanuts in this drink.
Wacky Wizard ~ RM8.80++
Delicious & wacky smoothie of mango yogurt & pineapple.
Lingzie and I had this drink. Well, the drink is not bad. But if they can have more mango in my drink, it would be perfect for me. ^-^
When every one arrived except the organiser ~ Steven, we proceed to order some foods. Actually Cariso and I are not too sure that this is the invited review. As we thought that we are gather to discuss something. But after we confirmed with everyone, we were thrilled. As this is the first review that we can choose whatever we want to try. As usually, we just review whatever foods and drinks that are prepared by the proprietor.
So after much discussion Lingzie order:
Laotian Laksa (Beef or Chicken) ~ RM12.80++
Our famous signature dish of rice noodle in a spicy & piquant soup with tender beef or chicken, bean sprouts and basil.
When ordering this dish, Lingzie is asking if everyone taking beef. And Bee and I said we don't but we would like them to order it to try. But when this dish is being served, we have two kind of flavours, one bowl of beef and one bowl of chicken. Ken came and told us that since we don't take beef, he asked the kitchen to prepare the chicken version for us. He is very kind and attentive.
Everyone get to taste the chicken too. And they reckon that the beef version is better than the chicken version. The Chicken Laotian laksa tastes very nice. This is my first time having it. I think every one loves and enjoy having this bowl of Laksa.
We took quite a long time to shoot. Ken kept reminding us to dig in as he worried the textures of the noodles. But the textures of the noodles still maintain alright. So phew...... for Ken.
Chicken Parmigiana ~ RM18.80++
Italian styled chicken fillet with stewed tomato and Mozzarella cheese. Served with mash potato and salad.
The chicken is very tender but a bit dried up. Perhaps due to our shooting time. As Bee told us that when she had this previously, it is very juicy. The mashed potatoes tastes very nice too.
Traditional Grilled Steak ~RM29.80++
Char-grilled tender beef steak with traditional rich brown gravy and served with homemade mashed potato, broccoli & carrots.
This is an order by Chris. And he is kind enough to let us take photos and also let us try some of them. I am the one who help them to cut the steak into small pieces and let them try. And the verdict is, wow..... this is very nice, very tender, very juicy, ho chiak........ that's what I heard from them. ^-^
Pumpkin Soup
This is also order from Leslie.
Jumbo Vienna Sausage ~ RM15.80++ I
Smoked chicken sausages served with mashed potato and salad. The sausages taste very nice. I like the sausages firm and this sausages is up to my standard. ^-^

Pan grilled Sea Bass with white sauce (RM19.80+)
Pan-grilled white fish fillet with a tangy white sauce and served with fresh crisp salad & mashed potato.
Usually, when we had something with white sauce, we will end up full very fast. But for the white sauce served in No Eye Deer is totally different as they add some lime into it. So you will not have that "Jilat" feelings.
The fish tastes very nice and juicy.
We were told that their fish and chips are one of the best selling items. So, when you drop by, please try it out.
Today Special : Meaty Beef Pie ~RM16.80++
Served with golden french fries & fresh crisp cos lettuce. This is the today special and not in the menu. Sometime, you shall asked them for their today special. And we have the honour to try this out. After tasting this, their verdict is nice. I try the chips and I fall in love with it and I told Bee about this. And she also reckon that it is very nice and crispy. I told Bee to pass around or else, I will just finished the chips in no time. ^-^

Caveman Platter (for 3-5 pax) ~RM68.00++

Mixed platter of char-grilled lamb, chicken kebabs, chicken sausages, chicken wings & pepper lamb sausages. This is the last dish to arrived and it is the mixed platter. It is a bit dry for some parts of the char-grilles lamb and chicken wings. But still taste ok. The chicken kebabs, chicken sausage and pepper lamb sausages are nice.

Coffee Jelly ~ RM5.80++
'Fantastically refreshing" Japanese Jelly dessert served with silky fresh cream and syrup (voted Best Jelly in Malaysia by readers of 'The Star' Newspaper 23rd March 2008).
I am telling all of them, I wanna have desserts. Must have desserts and all of them laugh at me. I insist that we must have the Coffee Jelly since it is voted as best jelly in Malaysia. ^-^ At the first bite, the coffee jelly is very bitter but when it immerse with the fresh cream and syrup. It tasted nice. Have a try!
Upside Down Ice Cream ~ RM4.80++
Double scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with melted chocolate and roasted nuts served with a wafer cone in an ingenuous way.
We did not have this. This is Chris desserts. ^-^ I think my gal would love this ice-cream. I will bring her there for fish and chips, spaghetti and also ice-cream.
I would like to thanks Steven for organising this review for us and also many thanks to Mr. Ken Low.


Big Boys Oven said...

wow I love how those drinks been named, so cool! :)

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

BBO - yes, it's so cool...... ^-^

allenooi said...

photos blue blue de......

the up side down ice cream looks hor liao. special to me!

J2Kfm said...

still rmbr I had the meat loaf, and the laotian laksa before.
back then, travelling all the way to Fettes for dinner was sort of a luxury ... :)

buzzingbee said...

Hehe I still can remember the nice laksa taste! I think I ate more of the chips than you! haha
The fish and chips is actually quite try it! But don't wait too long after it's served yea :P

thenomadGourmand said...

u reminded me of their food! esp the Loatian Laksa, def their signature.
They must be doin something rite, for so many outlets at Prima Tanjung come and go and this one's still goin strong!

foodcreate said...

Wow!!!! Beautiful pictures! and I just love the names of the drinks!very Nice:)
Thanks for sharing your Beautiful blog:)

Welcome ~~~~
and if you can visit me I can visit you!
Join post your comments:)

Have a wonderful Day~

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

allenooi - yes, some of the photos look blue blue as setting wrongly. And did not touch up with photo shop.
Ya, thinking of bringing my gal there as she is aiming on the photos. ^-^

J2Kfm - Well, they still have the loatian laksa. ^-^

buzzingbee - If not review, I snap quite fast. No worry. I shot and i eat straight. ^-^

thenomadGourmand - Ya, you are right. They survive, that's mean good food and good service. ^-^

foodcreate - You are welcome and thank you for dropping by. ^-^ Yes, the names of the drinks are unique. ^-^

My Little Space said...

Hello there, thanks for dropping by my blog and nice to meet you. You really are making crazy for all those food. I love food, any kind of food! Thanks for sharing the yummy pictures, ha ha!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

My Little space - you have a nice blog. Keep up the good jobs! ^-^

New Kid on the Blog said...

looks like another fun review.... the food looks real good.

cariso said...

I still remember how my Laotian Laksa tastes like. Hehe! :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

I love pink guava juice!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

NKOTB - Yes, the review is fun and the foods are great. Have a try!

cariso - wow.... then should go back more ofterm. Ken would be happy. ^-^

peachkins - yes, it taste so nice and cooling. ^-^

Sue said...

This place is nice-has been around for quite awhile, i have a tried a few times. Great place for hangout.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Sue - yes, it's been around for many years already. Glad that you loves this place. ^-^

Wong Pow Long said...

I have tried the Laotian Laksa recently, it really taste good. it is kind of vietnamese style.

I have write a review in my blog as well. editor , Wong

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