Monday, 6 July 2009

O & N Cafe Shop @ Green Lane, Penang

Sorry that I am unable to update my blog so frequently these days as been quite busy but I promised that I will try to blog one or two blog once a week. My draft folder is going to be full if I kept postponed. ^-^
During one outing last month, we decided to try "Chu Char" again since my gal wants to have some rice for the night. So we recall that there is one shop in Green Lane that offers some "chu char" so we decided to give it a try! The shop is
Business hour: 4 - 10.30pm (Close Thursday)
It is located in the same row as Mutiara Selera. (Next to Sports Toto Shop)
There are lists of foods that they wrote on the white board inside the shop and also in front of the shops. And After browsing through and recommendation from the person who took our order. We order the following foods:
Watercress Soup
If you follow my blog for quite some time, you will noticed that I always ordered this soup as my gal fond of this soup very much. And the size of the soups are very big. It seems like it will be no ending of soup as I kept scoop scoop scoop and there are still more. lol
Stir fry vegetables with garlic
When this vegetables dish being serves, my first impression is like.... hmmm....this must be so-so. But after I tasted..... hmm... not bad leh... the vege taste so fresh. And hubby also reckon that it tastes nice.
Pai Kut Ong
Ah...., first of all look at the serving plate. Nowadays, it's hard to see this kind of plate being served in the restaurant. ^-^
As for the foods, the pai kut ong is very tender and juicy. It tastes quite nice and my gal enjoying it very much.
Curry Kapitan Chicken
Ah.... this dish is under "Today Special" list. And we were recommend to have a try! So we order this. This turn out to be quite nice. Chicken is very tender and the curry Kapitan is rich of aroma.
Overall, the foods are very reasonable cheap. It cost us RM28 for all the above dishes and 3 plates of white rice.
At first when we entered the shop we saw not much customers around but half way through our meal, we saw lots of customers visiting this shop. So a piece of advice is to go early and avoid the long waiting time.


nyonya pendek melaka said...

hi food paradise, thanks for yr comments on my blog too. i will be very happy if you would still like to link my Peranakan post to yr blog site. I will be posting more in the next few weeks when I make a trip back to M'cca and take photos of some kebayas & other stuff :D.

all yr food reviews are making me feel that i shld visit penang real soon! :)

foodbin said...

you are right, those serving plates are old school!

cariso said...

Yeah, always see you ordering this soup one. By the way, the address of this shop? near to? can be more specific ?

gill gill said...

seem valueable chu char is your favorite post. pretty helpful :)

J2Kfm said...

i like watercress soup as well. cooling, and tasty. not to mention made me ate my greens when i was small!

the metal plate/tray thingie is being used by KL's Meng Kee Char Siew as well. thats the only place i can think of.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

nyonya pendek melaka - Do posts more and can't wait to see more of your posts. Why not arrange a trip to Penang and try it out yourself. ^-^

foodbin - bring back dome memory too! ^-^

cariso - it's the back row of Genting cafe and few shops away from Mutiara Selera and Sports Toto Shop. If you still not sure, call me. ^-^

gill gill - ya... as I found that most of my reader enjoy reading delicous and cheap chu char. So I try my best to find some to share. ^-^

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

J2Kfm - Actually you can find some in Penang too I mean the metal plate. My gal loves watercress soup very much and she will eat all the watercress. lol

♥peachkins♥ said...

That stirfry veggies with garlic is calling my name..

SimpleGirl said...

really miss the watercress soup....must ask my mum to make it....haha....nice meal

thenomadGourmand said...

ohh..old style chu char alws the best!! cheapp lohh..

allie said...

I seldom eat chu char one.. as I not fond of rice :P
But i like the watercress soup

allenooi said...

seldom go chu char..... eat at more more.

hApPy HaPpY said...

I have just bookmarked your site and will be interesting when I go back to Penang for food adventure. Keep it up Food Paradise.... I love food.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

peachkins - lol

SimpleGirl - yes, it's a nice and simple meal. ^-^

thenomadGourmand - yes, it's cheap and nice.

allie - You can have some other things like fired noodles and order the watercress soup lor.... ^-^

allenooi - lucky you can have some home cook foods. ^-6

hApPy HaPpY - Thanks for dropping by and bookmarked my blog. Hope you enjoy reading. ^-^

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