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Invited Review ~ Kim Tavern @ Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Jaya

There is one newly opened food outlet in Sunway Carnival Mall. It is just barely 3 weeks. If you are the regular customers in Sunway Carnival Mall, you would have noticed

Kim Tavern
Location: LG 04, Sunway Carnival Mall, Jalan Todak, 13700 Seberang Jaya, Penang.
Tel: 604-399 9879, 012-428 8066 (Mr. Andy Liew)
Business Hours: 11.30am-9.30pm Daily
GPS: 5.398695, 100.397875

Map Location

Interior of Kim Tavern
Before I elaborates more about the foods, I would like to thanks Andy (the owner), Taufulou and CK Lam for the invitation.

There are many different kind of foods, drinks, finger foods can be found in the menu and we were told that this is only 40%. As they will introduce more foods in the near future. So, remember to go back and check every time. ^-^

We have total of 9 drinks for that day. They are
D16 Fresh Carrot-Orange (RM3.50), D20 Honey Lemon Ice (RM3.80), D29 Mango Smoothies (RM5.50), D32 Wheat grass Smoothies (RM5.50), D40 Peppermint Mocha (RM7.80), D41 Blueberry chocolate (RM7.80), D42 Hazelnut Latte (RM7.80), D43 Almond Latte (RM7.80) and D44 Tiramisu (RM7.80)

We have the opportunity to taste each drinks with a spoon and end up with had one of the drinks by our self. And I had the Hazelnut Latte which is quite nice. If you like something cooling, perhaps you could order Honey Lemon Ice, Wheat grass Smoothies (which every one love it very much) and Mango smoothies. There are lots more to choose from and I am sure that there are something that suits your taste buds.
For the review, we have the chance to try up to 15 different type of foods as following:
M1 Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese (RM6.90)
We started off by having the spaghetti. As usual, we take turn for the photo session. Then we start to dig in. The spaghetti chicken bolognese are not bad.

M5 Cheesy Chicken Lasagna (RM9.90)
Lasagna is another food that we try under Western Paradise. I prefer the cheesy chicken lasagna then the spaghetti chicken bolognese. As the taste suits me better. Usually when I ordered lasagna, I will usually share with some one since taking lasagna alone, it will fill my stomach up pretty fast. Therefore, I usually will try other things to go with lasagna. If you are lasagna lover, remember to order this to try!
F06 Tomyam Seafood Fried Noodle (RM8.50)
Next, we try some South East Asia Favourite. I gather both of the tom yam flavour next to each other so that it's easy for my readers to read through. This the tom yam seafood fried noodle. From the names, you should know that the noodles are cooked with tom yam and sea foods. The textures of the noodles is nice as it is not overcooked. However, I prefer......
T01 Tom Yam Seafood Noodle (RM9.90)
yup..... I prefer the soup version of tom yam. All the ingredients uses to prepare the Tom Yam is fresh ingredients. And this tom yam is a bit sourish. Some might find it spicy but for me, it is ok. If you like sourish type of tom yam, you will definitely love this.
We were told by Andy that they have "white color" tom yam in the future. I am sure gonna give the white tom yam a try when they introduce it in the future. I will keep you updates!
T02 Ipoh Chicken Slice Noodle (RM6.90)
If you like something that is not spicy, perhaps you sould give this a try! Something sweet in the soup.
S01 Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken (RM7.90)
Craving for nasi lemak? Perhaps can give this a try. I love the anchovies serves as a side dish here. It is very crunchy and delicious. The chicken is very tender and the curry has a nice aroma. It is nice to go with the nasi lemak. The papapdam are not bad as well.
S02 Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken (RM7.90)
If you don't like the nasi lemak like my gal, then you can order this Rendang Chicken as the rice serve is using "white rice". As my gal prefer white rice than nasi lemak. As she doesn't like the nasi lemak textures. lol
Anyway, the rendang chicken is very tender as well and has a nice aroma.Oh not to mention that the sambal top on the white rice is a must try! I am sure my gal would love that too! Will bring her there and try out in the coming school holiday.
S04 Udang Sambal Rice (RM7.90)
I am really a fans of prawn. In my house when I am a little, I am already be crowned as "Queen of Prawn" and I remembered that once my dad bought be 1kg prawn and deep fried it and I sitting there eating almost the whole plate of prawn. lol OMG, can't believed that I can eat so much prawns while I am young. lol
The udang sambal that being served here is nice and the prawn is very fresh. If this is my plate of udang sambal rice, I think I would have finish it in no time. lol
S06 Dry Curry Stir Fried Chicken Rice (RM6.90)
This is actually "Kam Hiong" chicken rice. Normally we had our kam hiong with seafood's. But the boss here stir fry it with chicken. The kam hiong is very nice. If it cooked with seafood's, it would be the best but because Andy would like to offer some value meal, if he uses seafood's, the price would have increase.
F02 Capsicum Prawn Fried Rice (RM7.90)
The fried rice has it aroma and full of "wok hei" And with the combination of color, it is very appetising and I think the kids would love it very much as it is not spicy at all. But for the adults, please do try the sambal. It is very popular and the taste is very nice. Give it a try!
B02 Sweet & Spicy Fish Bento (RM8.50)
Next, we try Japanese Asian Style Bento. And it cost only RM8.50. I am sure you will be full after having this bento as it has generous amount of rice, sweet and spicy fish bento. Apart from that they also serve with some salads and soup. A note that I should mention here is about the soup. It is not miso soup being served in this bento. It is the chef create the soup themselves. Something different.

J01 Unagi Fried Egg Rice (RM12.90)
Ah.... I found that my gal would love this unagi fried egg rice too. As she is the fan of unagi. Most of the time, she will order unagi when she dine in Japanese restaurant. OI personally found that the combination in this bowl of unagi fried egg rice is very tasty.

M4 Mushroom Chicken Chop with Garlic Butter Rice (RM9.90)

We were attracted by the name butter rice. Wonder if it too oily? Well, the answer is no. It tastes nice and aroma with a bit of herbs. The chicken chop is rather too dry as may be because we asked the kitchen to hold on for our order as we are not be able to cope with the photo shooting and testing. And since the chicken chop is rather thin and it over coked a bit. But the chicken is quite tender and the mushroom sauce that cover on top of it is nice.

E5 Honey Pepper Roast Chicken Drum (5pcs - RM6.90)
This is one of the finger licking foods that I recommend that you should order. If you are not too hungry, perhaps you can order this to try with some drinks. But please be reminded that it is only 5pcs in the normal order. From the above photos show it is double the normal order which gather for our photo shooting session.

P03 Seafood Mushroom Porridge (RM7.90)

At the last dish that we try is seafood mushroom porridge. I found that it is a bit salty for my liking but overall the porridge is nice.
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