Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Invited Review - Louis Cafe @ Argyll Road, Penang

Today, I am going to share another food review with my reader. At the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Lingzie and Mdm. Teoh for inviting us (food floggers) for attending this food review. lol
Louis Cafe
Location: 161-C Argyll Road, 10050, Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 2287729
Mdm Teoh - 012-4701666
Business Hours: 11am -11pm
Louis Cafe is opening on 22 December 2008. So not many people know about this place yet. The environment is very quiet and cosy. It is a very nice place to catch up with friends, family members or even ideal for business meetings. As Louis Cafe also offer free WiFi. :D
Entrance of Louis Cafe
Interior settings of Louis Cafe
Menu of Louis Cafe
Basically Louis Cafe offers Fusion and Asian Cuisine.
Louis Cafe Set Lunch @ RM18.90++
Which includes :
1. Soup of the day
2. Choice of Main Course
(Example: Fish and Chips, Chicken Cutlet and Spaghetti Carbonara)
3. Choice of Beverage:
Hot/Cold (Coffee/Tea), Ice Lemon/Peach Tea
4. Free Ice-cream available
Louis Cafe Set Dinner @ RM26.90++
Which includes:
1. Soup of the day
2. Appetizer of the day
3. Choice of main course
(Example: Mushroom Chicken Chop, Black Pepper Fish fillet and Spaghetti Arrabiata)
4. Choice of Beverages
(Choice of soft drinks/ fresh fruit juice)
5. Free ice-cream available
***Please note that all the set lunch and dinner menu changes daily***
Promotion of Louis Cafe and Valentine Menu
Currently, Louis Cafe is running 10% discount promotion until March 2009. And since Valentine's Day is few days away, they also offer Valentine Menu (RM99/Couple) as following:
Appetizer: Classic 60s Prawn Cocktail
Starter: Seasonal Creme of Pumpkin
Icy Lemon Sorbet
Choices of main course: Scottish Salmon Slab/Australian Beef Tenderloin
Dessert: I Love you
Our food reviews start with appetizers:
Classic Caesar Salad ~ RM18
This salad consists of crispy Romance lettuce with chef's Caesar dressing garnished with smoked salmon, grated Parmesan cheese and herbs croutons.
Our House Rules organic salad ~ RM15
This salad contains of organic fresh mixed garden salad served with choice of dressing.
If you opt for vegetables salad, I would recommend that you try this but I found that the salad dressing is too sour for my liking. :D
Scallops Salad ~ RM20
It is basically organic fresh garden green & seared sea scallop accompanied with delicious apple salsa.
I would recommend that you try their scallops salad as I like it very much. lol
Next, we were served with 5 different types of soup:
From top left clockwise: Cream of Tomato ~ RM9, Cauliflower Soup~ RM9, Broccoli Soup~ RM9, Italian's Wild Mushroom Soup ~ RM10 and Fresh Pumpkin Soup ~ RM9.
Close up of the 5 type of soups.
Bread and Butter
Cream of Tomato
Fresh Pumpkin Soup
Creamy soup topped with oven roasted almond flakes.
Italianese Wild mushroom Soup
Freshly Shitake mushroom, button mushroom and abalone mushroom.
Cauliflower Soup
Next, the main menu:

Sirloin Steak
*Australia chilled air flown Beef *
It is grilled until perfection and served with Red Wine Sauce.
Beef Tenderloin ~ RM38
*Australia Chilled Air Flown Beef*
It is grill until perfection and served with peppercorn sauce.
Grilled Lamb Chop with Brown Mushroom Sauce ~ RM22
Grilled Lamb Chop with Peppercorn Sauce ~ RM22
Baked stuffed chicken ~ RM20
The chicken thigh is baked and stuffed with cheese sausage and covers with brown mushroom sauce.
I find the chicken is very tender and the cheese sausage tastes very nice.
Chicken Tortilla ~ RM15.90
If you like Tortilla, I would like to recommend you to try this. The tortilla is so thin and yet tastes so great. It is best to eat it while it is hot. However, this is not in the menu for the time being. May be you can check with the management for the availability before you place your order.
Pan Seared Salmon Steak with Dijon Sauce ~ RM30
Red Snapper with Cream of Tomato Pulp ~ RM25
Fish Gordon Bleu - RM25
Pacific Dory fish fillet stuffed with ham and cheese crumbled then deep fried until golden brown and served with tartar sauce.
If you like fish gordon bleu, I would recommend you to try this.
Spaghetti Arrabiata ~ RM16
Spaghetti with chilly, slices bacon and assorted wild mushroom in a spicy tomato pulp sauce.
Fettucine Carbonara - RM16
Slices bacon, ham, onion fragrance garlic assorted wild mushroom sauteed in butter enrinched with cream and chopped herbs and grated parmesan cheese.
Vegetarian Cutlet ~ RM15.90
Mdm. Teoh told us that they try and do this vegetarian cutlet cater for their Vegetarian customers. I found that the vegetarian cutlet tasted nice. However, if you don't like potatoes, then this will not be your choice. lol And inside the vegetarian cutlet consists of corn, mashed potatoes, brocolli, carrot, onion............
Next, came to the desserts..........
When I look through the menu, I was wondering why the desserts are mainly chinese style desserts. And most of their foods are western style. lol Then I was told that they are actually the wholesaler of the bird nests, white fungus............. And since they have all the ingredients, they decide to offer some chinese style desserts in their restaurant.
At the moment, they only offer 3 different types of chinese desserts and they are:
White fungus with Gingko Nuts ~ RM5
And also Bird Nests ~ RM45/ bowl and herbal snow jelly ~ RM 10/bowl.
We (Gill Gill and I) have the opportunity to try their white fungus with gingko nuts while waiting for the others to arrive. And the dessert tastes nice as it is not too sweet.
I prefer the yam ice-cream. If you like yam...... then you will definitely love the yam ice-cream. lol Apart from the above two types of ice-cream, they also have chocolate ice-cream, coffee............
Apart from the Ala Carte Menu, they also offer snack and Asian Cuisine menu which offer:

Special Crispy Chicken Wings, Deep Fried Sotong Ball, Potatoes Wedges, Deep Fried Calamari, Seafood Singapore Bee Hoon, Seafood Fried Rice, Thai Tom Yam Bee Hoon Soup, Seafood Hokkien Char, Seafood Fried Hor Fun, Seafood Ramen and BBQ Pork Ramen.
If you would like to arrange gathering or functions, please contact Mdm. Teoh. I am sure she will be delightful to help you with the foods and beverage selection.
The Staff, Chef and Mdm. Teoh
Other attended food floggers:
Lingzie from
Lingzie’s Tummy Treats
Rebecca from The Nomad Gourmand
Mr. Lee of Kwong Wah Yit Poh
Other reviews:
Map Location of Louis Cafe ( Opposite Hotel Mingood):
*Please note - Louis Cafe charge 5% service tax*


CRIZ LAI said...

I think I can memorize all the items and price now with all the reviews.. haha :P


cariso said...

Wow...birdnest wholesaler..no wonder the lady boss so swui tang tang! :)

Food Paradise said...

Criz Lai - Then next time, if anyone want to know the price, should call you. lol

Cariso - wow.... Mdm. Teoh will be very happy to hear that. lol

Allie said...

another great food review and gathering huh! :)

email2me said...

I must find one day go back and try their birds nest liao. RM45 ... so damn cheap !!!! in KL the damage at least RM140 lor ....

All your pictures in this review were so nice with the help of day lights. Mine all romantic scene shots. Hard to get a good shot.

Anonymous said...

Very detailed review...with plenty of photos too.

J2Kfm said...

the presentation of the food looks professional, and very clean.

they could've stuffed the chicken with lotsa melted cheese, in addition to the sausage, then it'll be perfect! :)

though of course, a bit too much for lunch.

Steven Goh said...

wah... many photos leh. I love the way u present all the photo in 1 main pic and the rest is in small icon size

Steven Goh said...

next time if wanna buy cheap birdnest can call Mdm Teoh liao. Don't know how many percent of discount will she gives leh?

Food Paradise said...

Allie - yes, a good gathering but it would be good if you attended. :D

email2me - after you mention about the bird nest, make me feel like trying it too. Might drop by one day to give it a try! lol
Thanks for the pictures comment. However, I think your photos are more nicer. lol

ck Lam - Thanks! PTP have more photos in their review. lol

Food Paradise said...

J2kfm - the baked stuffed chicken is not too cheesy at all. Give it a try next time when you drop by Penang.

Steven Goh - Thanks for the photo comments. You should call Mdm. Teoh to find out. lol May be we can get some discounts. :D

Anonymous said...

nice review. :)
I didn't know they are wholesaler! haha

Food Paradise said...

buzzingbee - TQ! you have a nice review too! Mdm. Teoh told us when I asked her why she serves mainly Chinese desserts. lol

leslie said...

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