Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sabah Food Hunt Part IV ~ Upperstar Cafe & Bar

After the dinner, we went to shop around at 1 Borneo and when it's nearly 9, we went back to the hotel room and brought mum for dinner. Mum prefers the light meal so we go to the city centre as my sister was told by her friends that only few choices are for light meals. And my sister decided to try:
Upperstar Cafe & Bar
Location: Block C, Lot 8, Ground Floor, Segama Complex. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 088 -270775
This is one of the popular places for the Sabahan. You can see many people gather together, have a drink, meals, chit - chat.........
Orange Smoothie ~ RM6.95
My sis opts for this and she loves it very much.
Orange Juice ~ RM4.95
Cappuccino ~ RM4.55
This is my order and I am very disappointed with this. Want to know the reason?
Well, the cappuccino that being served is exactly like the 3 in 1 packet. lol And it costs me RM4.55 per cup. :P
Then we order some foods to share among us as we were quite full from the early on dinner and mum is a small eater and she wants us to share with her. lol So we order:
Grill Salmon ~ RM14.95
After my drink being served, I wonder how's the food? Will there be another disappointment? Well, lucky the answer is "No". Phew........
The grill salmon tastes very nice. And it is served with chips, garlic bread an coleslaw.
Garlic bread
Zoom version of grill salmon
Grill Chicken ~ RM13.95
Next..... the grill chicken. The chicken is very tender and juicy. And the marinated sauce has a very nice aroma. It is also served with chips, garlic bread and coleslaw.
Tiramisu Cake ~ RM6.50
I order Tiramisu to try and the tiramisu cake has a very strong taste of liquor. And the sponge cake is finely done. Overall, the cake tastes nice and every one loves it.
Overall.... this restaurant is a good place for people to gather around for a drink and light meal. But I don't recommend for kids. As lot of people around there are smoking and I don't think they have non - smoking section. lol As for the tastes vice, it is way much more better than the meal that we had (dinner) early on. lol


Little Inbox said...

Grilled Salmon, the Salmon is just a small piece, haha...

worldwindows said...

Good local eats. Seems like Sabah is catching up very fast. I was tip off to be careful of going to places the Taiwanese and Japanese go. Very expensive!

Food Paradise said...

Little Inbox - hahhahaa.... yes a bit smaller.

worldwindows - really? I guess most places are the same. If their customers are mainly tourist, the price is very expensive huh!

Drink Meals said...


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FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Drink Meals - Thank You and thanks for dropping by. ^-^

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