Thursday, 26 February 2009

Sabah Food Hunt Part V ~ Tuaran Mee Restoran

Before on our trip to Kudat, we picked up my brother from the airport and head to Tuaran for his breakfast. Since we already had our breakfast in the hotel, so we are not intend to take any. But after arriving at Tuaran, we went around the town area and spotted this shop which is full of customers. So we decided to give it a try.
Tuaran Mee Restoran
Located at Tuaran. Tuaran is 33km away from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It is just a little small town.
While we were seated, all the "Tham Chiak" person in our table are looking around other tables. After the waiter came to take our orders, all of us "Pause" for a minute as we don't know what they offer. Basically we saw most of the tables order noodles. Wet, dry, fry version.
Hmm....... we were still full........ but my brother still not having his breakfast yet...... so he ordered:

Fried Tuaran Mee (Dry Version)
When this being serves...... err..... looks like "instant noodles" with some eggs and garnishing with some"Char Siew" and "Fish Cake Slice".
How's the tastes? I am too eager to find out after I finished taking the photo. My brother say...... errr.... why don't you try some? Oh "O"......tastes really bad is it? He just laugh. So. I go ahead and try...... hmmm..... the noodles got the QQ textures. Tastes vice is not bad.
After my brother order, I decide to order Kolok Tuaran Mee as next to our table is having that. lol I cannot order more as others say they are really "FULL".
Kolok Tuaran Mee
When this being served, we asked the waitress why it looks light in colour and the one next to us is black in colour? Then she response to us that they order Kolok Tuaran Mee with soya sauce added. Then we just realise that as we thought it's the same. Anyway...... my plate of Kolok Tuaran Mee is not bad either. Just a bit too salty to my liking. End up my plate of Kolok Tuaran Mee is finished real fast as people around me start to dig in when I told them it has "QQ" textures. hahhahaha..... I should order other varieties too since all the "Tham Chiak?" can help me to finish it. lol


SimpleGirl said...

look a bit bland, like not enough dark sauce ya...maybe Sabah style a bit different from here?!

cariso said...

斗亚兰= made me think senget a bit, in hokkien. :) btw, I like Kolok mee(!) but not in this style.

Food Paradise said...

SimpleGirl - Yes.... here everything coated mainly with dark soya sauce. lol But there, you have to tell them in advance that you want to covered with dark soya sauce. lol

cariso - hahhahaha.... this is different to kolok mee. The noodles is totally different. And the sauce that they use are also different. :P

worldwindows said...

Fried? Strange but worth a try esp if wok hei is very strong.

Food Paradise said...

worldwindows - yes... worth to try! ^0^

J2Kfm said...

just like Swak's Mee Kolok?

but looks really akin to Wantan mee.

Food Paradise said...

J2Kfm - err..... the tastes vice is totally different from Sarawak Kolok

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