Sunday, 15 February 2009

Restoran East Coast Food World

Since the first visit to Farlim, we noticed that there are lot of food outlets in Farlim area. So during one of the food hunts over the weekend, hubby decided to go to Farlim area. Then we drove past many restaurants and food courts and we are not sure which one to choose. So we decide to get a car park and walk around. 
Actually this is not the intented restaurant that we want to have our dinner. But due to no sitting place in the food court opposite to this restaurant, we decide to give the following restaurant a try.
Restoran East Coast Food World
Location: It is located a few blocks away from the famous Farlim Shell Station Laksa Cafe.
We order some of the foods to try:

Assam Prawn
The prawn is very fresh.

Stir fry chicken with sesame oil
Stir fry mixed vegetables
In House Special Beancurd
This is the first time we try this beancurd and it is recommended by the owner. The taste vice is very nice. My gal loves the sauce very much and the beancurd is very smooth. 
Overall..... the foods taste alright and the price is very reasonable. If you run out of idea where to have dinner, perhaps you can drop by to this "chu char" place. And there are quite numbers of patron in this restaurant. We are lucky not to wait for too long. lol


Allie said...

The beancurd looks delicious lol.

SimpleGirl said...

Seems that this place served more like home cooked type of dishes....simple ya!Howz the price?

Robo said...

Thanks for sharing. It looks delicious!

cariso said...

I have had this beancurd before, I was told it's called shui3 jin1 dou4 fu3.

Food Paradise said...

Allie - it tastes nice too!

SimpleGirl - Yes.... serves like home cooked type of foods. The price is very cheap.

Robo - You are welcome. Thanks for dropping by!

Cariso - really? I had this in another restaurant and they called Mongolian Beancurd. lol

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