Friday, 20 February 2009

Sabah Food Hunt Part I ~ Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

We went to Sabah - Kota Kinabalu(KK) for few days during Chinese New Year for a small gathering with my family members. After we arrived at KK airport, it's around one something and after pick up the rented car, we head down to 1 Borneo, where we booked our hotel there for two days. And since is the eve of CNY, every where is congested. Furthermore, it's raining over there when we arrived at the hotel. After all the check in, we were so hungry and we decided to go to the hypermall in 1 Borneo to get something to eat.
Since my sister went to the following cafe before, so we give it a try.
Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
Some of the foods that Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe offers.
Interior Settings
"Street favourites of Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Singapore take centre stage at Xin Wang Hong Kong Café.
Boasting 200 items on the menu, diners can savour comfort food borne from simple recipes characteristic of the typical Hong Kong and Macau cafes, home recipes we grew up on, local Singapore favourites, tim sum and tea-time snacks.
Different from other Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore, we make it a point to constantly incorporate in the menu lineup some dishes that customers like in Cantonese cuisine and not just signature Hong Kong Bo Lo Buns (Pineapple Buns), congees and noodles. In this way, customers can have the best of the Cantonese restaurants and typical Hong Kong café dishes." Quoted from
After reading through their menu, we found that it is one of the franchise from Singapore.
Table settings

Hot Tea

Hot Barley

Hot Milo

Ice Ying- Yong
While every one is going after hot drink, I opt for the cold beverage. As I cannot resist to try their ice ying-yong. The taste vice is not bad.
Next, we order some main courses to share among us just to keep us fill as since it is around 4pm, we worried that if we order too many stuff, we will skip our reunion dinner. lol

Spaghetti with Black Pepper Chicken Chops
The spaghetti tastes nice. As the spaghetti remain it's textures. Not undercooked. lol For the black pepper chicken chops, the chicken is very tender and it has a strong black pepper aroma.

Black Pepper Chicken Chops with rice and egg
We just found out that the black pepper chicken chops are the same with the spaghetti. So nothing much to elaborate here.
And my gal opts for :

Ham and egg with rice
Although it's simple but the ham has a very nice aroma.

Stir fried salted fish rice
The "wok Hei" is there for this stir fried salted fish rice. Mum is satisfy with this dish though. When my gal heard that it is nice, she tries it and she loves it. She consumes a lot during the meal. lol
This photo is taken from the menu. Do you know that? -
"Tapping your 3 fingers on the table is a silent expression of gratitude to the member of the party who has filled your cup?"
We always practice this when we are in overseas, however in Malaysia, I hardly see people practising this. lol
Overall.... the foods that we ordered are simple. Tastes vice are acceptable. lol Don't asked me about the pricing as I am not the one who foot the bill. lol We did not order any desserts as we are full after the meal. However they do offer lot of desserts.
*****Sorry for the yellowish photos as I did not adjust the settings before I took the photos and did not check until we finished the meal. lol And I decided not to change it with photoshops. So bare with me with these ugly photos. lol"


New Kid on the Blog said...

wah, now food hunt in east malaysia pula??

btw, i like the big font. small font strain my eyes. :)

email2me said...

wah! First time see people serve drink in KOLEH .... my favorite style .... you can gawk down until you get brain freeze ... that is the way to enjoy a drink .... XD

Food Promotions said...

Thanks for recommending for in KK. I shall pay a visit this to place when i go to KK. Thanks a lot.

cariso said...

Dah hunt pi Sabah ah you? :)

Little Inbox said...

I see, you are from Sabah. Hmm...I like the "chicken" plate. LOL

Food Paradise said...

NKOTB - Yes, we went there for a short trip. So food hunt there as well. lol Sorry about the fonts. Something wrong with my fonts, I already set normal fonts but it end up with smaller fonts. lol

email2me - my cousin and sisters also drink in KOLEH. They say that's the best way too. lol

Food Paradise said...

Food Promotions - You are welcome! Hope you enjoy reading!

cariso - aiyo.... go for short trip so food hunt there as well. That's food bloggers job ma. :P

Little Inbox - No, I am not from Sabah. I went there "Makan Angin". lol You can buy the "chicken" plate from shopping centre. There are different quality to choose as well. lol

Anonymous said...

This cafe is from S'prore which operates many outlet there...

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