Saturday, 28 February 2009

Shang Ping Restaurant @ Taman Hijau Tiga, Batu Lanchang, Penang

During one weekend, we drove by this restaurant and we see that quite a lot of people in there, so we decided to stop by the restaurant and give it a try. The Restaurant is located at Taman Hijau Tiga, Batu Lanchang.
The restaurant is air-condition and few tables are located outside the restaurant. We were very lucky as we manage to get a seat inside the restaurant. The moment we sat down, we were attended and we start to order our dishes for the night. After we placed our ordered, the restaurant are full house and some customers have no choice but to sit outside the restaurant.
Shang Ping Restaurant

Entrance to the Restaurant

Curry Fish Meat Slice
The curry fish meat slice that we ordered is the sour types of curry. And it tastes delicious. We see a lots of people ordering it. The fish meat slice is very fresh. The gravy is nice to go with rice as their ingredients use lot of herbs. lol

Seaweed Soup with Fish Ball
The soup is normal home cooked soup but it tastes very delicious. My gal loves it very much. I think she is the one who finished most of it.

Indonesia Chicken
We are not sure how their Indonesia looks like. So we ordered one to try. When this dish approaching our table, you can smell a very nice aroma. The chicken tastes very tender and delicious. This Indonesia's Chicken is very lemak type of dishes. And for me, it is not spicy at all. lol

French Bean with Mince Pork
This is another great dish even though is a simple dish.
Overall, their foods tastes very delicious. We will definitely go back again, price vice is also reasonable. However, a piece of advice ~ please go there early otherwise you will have to either wait or sitting at the outside of the restaurant which is open air.
For reservations, please call 604 - 2828711/ 019-4719138


NaNcY tEo's page... said...

ok, i wanna order this...when i go there... :P

550ml jar of faith said...

Hey, I think we have exactly the same tastebuds, because if I went to the restaurant for the first time, I'd order exactly the same thing! The Indonesian chicken looks heavenly...

Food Paradise said...

Nancy - Which dish are you ordering? Mark down in your diary. lol

550ml jar of faith - really? then next time can go makan together since our tastebuds the same. lol

SimpleGirl said...

the curry fish looks so many things to eat when I visit Penang...haha. thanks for sharing!

Food Paradise said...

Simple Girl - Yes, the curry fish tastes nice too. You are welcome. ^0^

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