Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sabah Food Hunt Part 6 ~ BBQ Jagung

On the way to Kudat, most of the people fall asleep except my sis and me. In a far distance, I already saw some smokes coming out from the stall at the roadside. I wonder what are they selling. I asked my sister to have a look as well. Then we found out that they are selling some fresh maize, bananas and also sweet potatoes.
After stop by TIP of BORNEO at Kudat. We went to the nearby town to search for lunch. But after browsing through we decided to skip as nothing much there. When we approaching this stall again, every one is interested to stop. Guess every one is craving for the "BBQ Jagung". lol
Road side stall selling fresh "Jagung", sweet potatoes and bananas.
Zoom version of one of the stall
More close up
Photos of the dried "Jagung" hang on the roof top.
More dried "Jagung".
After browsing through the stall, we ordered every one "BBQ Jagung". And they do it on the spot. Following are the way they BBQ the "Jagung":
BBQ "Jagung" above the charcoal.
After "BBQ Jagung". The end version. Ready to eat....... :D
Interior of BBQ "Jagung"
Zoom version
More close up
If you are the "Jagung" fans........ you must try this...... It is very sweet. And we watch the lady bbq the "Jagung". And she did not apply anything on top of the "Jagung". She just bbq it straight away when we ordered it.
If you are eating on the spot, she will help you to peel off the skin. But have to be careful as it is very hot. lol Since the jagung is too hot, my gal and myself have to use some tissue papers to hold it. lol But the rest of them, just eat directly. lol
On the spot, we ate two pieces of "Jagung" each. lol Then we take away another 10 pieces back too. The lady told us if we want to take away, then she will not help us to peel off the skin. As she said that way, the corn will still maintain it's aroma.
Then I asked the lady, why she did not sell "BBQ sweet potatoes" and she told me the sweet potatoes take longer time to prepare. So they only sell "BBQ Jagung".
The BBQ Jagung cost RM1/piece.
After finished our BBQ Jagung, we continue our journey back to KK. But when we passed by another stalls, mum want to have a look of their bananas. She is trying to find her favourite bananas since Day 2 of our trips. lol but unfortunately she can't find it during our trip in KK.
Then we stop by this stall, and mum is browsing through the banana and the auntie there asked whether we want "Jagung Manis" and "Jagung Pulut". This attracted me....... huh...... "Jagung Pulut"? I know what we ate previously is "Jagung Manis". Then what is "Jagung Pulut"? So we ordered two pieces since every one just ate two pieces of jagung each.
Da..... Da..... Da...... Da.......
This is "BBQ Jagung Pulut".
Close up of "BBQ Jagung Pulut".
The tastes vice is very blunt. Lucky that I only ordered two pieces. The shape of the "Jagung Pulut" is also very "mini". lol
Then mum....... cannot resist any more and she bought the following bananas from the stall:
Pisang ........
Interior of the Pisang.........
Hubby comments that the "Ang Bak" banana look very "red" in colour compares to the one sell in Penang. So I took the pictures just to show the redness but unfortunately, it is too bright at the background. And you cannot see quite clearly. :(
Anyway, the tastes vice is very sweet.


worldwindows said...

These kind of pit stops really make the day when travelling to some of the outlying areas. There are times we bought the entire tandan (not sikat) of ripened bananas esp. pisang emas or berangan, lol. I like those shots.

Allie said...

I luv sweet corns. Yummy!

ck lam said...

Those bbq jagung looks fresh. I used to buy those boiled ones in Penang without having any butter spread on it.

Food Paradise said...

worldwindows - wow.... you can finished all the tandan of pisang? Actually, I loves this type of pit stops as sometime it has many to offers. And most of the time, the foods (vege, fruits....) are very fresh. :D

Food Paradise said...

Allie - yes.... very yummy. My families are fan of sweet corns too. lol

ck lam - Yes, it indeed looks fresh. Usually in Penang, hubby also bought the corn without butter too. As my gal and hubby loves the original aroma. lol Sometime, I buy fresh corn and steam it instead of boiling it. I think it tastes better. Do try it next time!

email2me said...

I've tasted the BBQ coconut only ... not this one .... The BBQ coconut taste very weird ...

This one corn sure nice la .... put butter and salt on it oledi perfect!

Food Paradise said...

email2me - oh yeah.... I suppose to try the BBQ coconut too. But end up my sis friends are not free to take us there. lol The corn is very fresh and sweet. ^0^

soo sean said...

Looks yummy.
Will bookmark all the KK posts for future use.

J2Kfm said...

very interesting. r u from sabah?
i never knew Sabah has so many diff types of street food.

funny the jagung is BBQ to smoky/charry exterior, but inside it's very clean, sparkly even, and looks very sweet.

i'm sold .... i'm a fan of Cameron's jagung eaten raw ...

Food Paradise said...

soo sean - Hope it will help you for your future reference. But I want to post the "sen rou mien" and others thing too. Too bad this trip did not get to blog about it. Will blog about it next time. lol

Food Paradise said...

J2Kfm - you are the second one to asked me this question since I blog the Sabah Food Hunt. lol No..... I am not from Sabah. :D
Do try it out next time when you visit KK. It is extremely sweet and nice. My families the "corn lovers" love it very much. ^0^

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