Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New Garden Seafood @ Relau, Penang

I have been wanting to blog about this place long time ago but I cannot find the photos about this restaurant. And after much search, I just realised that I have upload it into my blog and under my "draft" section. ^o^
Today.....I am going to blog about:
New Garden Seafood
It is located in 1-GF-9 Persiaran Bukit Jambul, Kompleks Sri Relau, 11900, Penang.
Contact number: 04-6446205 and 017-4635443
To avoid longer waiting time, please try to go early. Hubby orders:
Curry Fish ~ RM18
My gal wanted to have some curry for the night. So, hubby ordered some curry fish for her. And the curry fish tastes quite nice and the fish is very fresh. The curry is not very spicy. So my gal loves the curry gravy and takes it with her rice.
Lotus Root Soup ~ RM5
Pai Kut Ong ~ RM8
My gal loves the pai kut ong. The pork tastes tender and succulent.
Stir Fry broccoli ~ RM7
Overall..... it's another "Chu Char" place that we will be patronise when we are after "Chu Char" as they have lots of foods that we would like to try it out too. And the total bill is RM40.10 (with rice).


allie said...

the pai kut ong looks tasty. I like pai kut ong too!

Little Inbox said...

Relau? Must go there try soon. :)

meet me in the red room said...

I've always wondered what lotus root taste like- was it good?

worldwindows said...

Chu Char now comes to RM50 for 2-3 in KL without the fish. Use to be RM20+ not too long ago. The good old days. Looks like a bawal hitam in the curry fish.

New Kid on the Blog said...

i love pai kut ong too!! yummy yummy!!

foodbin said...

pai kut ong must be tasty.

Food Paradise said...

allie - yes.... the pai kut ong tastes nice.

Little Inbox - yes... in Relau....if you not sure about the location, write to me. ^o^

meet me in the red room - well.... it depends on individual. I personally loves Lotus Root so I feel that it is quite delicious. It can bee cook in soup, or stir fry and some also deep fried it like potato chips.

Food Paradise said...

worldwindows - wow... you have a good eye sight. Yes... it is curry bawal hitam. Recently I found some cheap chu char and will share with my readers soon. Stay tune! ^o^

NKOTB - Then you can drop by there and try it! ^o^

foodbin - yes indeed very tasty.

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