Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sabah Food Hunt Part 8 ~ New Gaya Seafood Restaurant

My sister reckons that she wants to bring us to have cheap seafood. As one of her friend's uncle brought her there before and she reckons the foods are very tasty too. So....... she drove us to this place ~ New Gaya Seafood Restaurant
Location: Jalan Bantayan, Kiansom Inanam, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
The restaurant has air condition and non air condition section to choose and they chose the open air as the rain just stop before we arrived at the restaurant. When we arrived, it still have plenty of seat left but a moment later, it is almost full house. 
Hubby orders the following dishes for our dinner:
The prawn is really fresh and the prawn is perfectly cooked. Some place tend to over cook it and the prawn textures become too soft. My gal was so fortunate as she got my sister and brother sitting next to her, helping her to peel off the prawn shell. She is like "Queen" and she keep asking for more prawns. :D

Sauce for the Prawn
Steam Fish - Grouper
Actually..... we browse through their live aquarium but not much fishes left as most of them already been reserved. So end up we decide to order grouper for our dinner. 
What can I say? The fish is very fresh and tastes nice.
Stir Fry Spring Onion Venison
Sometime when you order venison, you will get some hard textures on their meat right? But this dish is well cook and the meat is so tender. My gal really enjoys this dish.
Sauce for the clams
"Dong Fong" Clams
We never try this clams before and we were recommend by the waiter to try this as well. Every one loves this dish. The clams are very tasty and chewy.
When this dish is being served, my brother and sister are very busy as their "Queen" loves this very much and they have to help her to take out the clams. lol 
Actually, we were thinking to get another plates but we changed our mind since we saw so many customers still waiting for their foods. 
And our last dish.........
Vegetables with mushrooms
I forgot what is this dish named as it has some meaning for the CNY. Since we don't have any vegetables, I decided to order this for my mum as she loves vegetables. lol This is one of the popular dishes in this restaurant which claimed by the waiter. The vegetables is just so-so, my sister said this dish is tasteless. lol
Overall...... we love their foods and this dinner is the cheapest dinner we had during our trip to KK. ^0^ And the total bill is RM192.84 (including 7 plates of white rice + drinks)


New Kid on the Blog said...

WOW!!!! The seafood looks great la!!!

worldwindows said...

Was that snail? I like it chewy. The shrimps and the grouper are a good combination.

Food Paradise said...

worldwondows: err.... I think it is not snail. It tastes very nice. Very chewy. lol

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