Monday, 30 March 2009

Keat Seng Restaurant @ Air Itam, Penang

We have tried the breakfast @ Keat Seng Restaurant before but we never try anything during night time before. As each time we passed through this place at night, it was full of people. As there are many stalls there selling different kind of foods. For that night we ordered the following foods to try:
Char Koay Kak
As I saw many people ordering this Char Koay Kak and the owner cannot stop cooking it each time I passed through the stall. So I told hubby to order this and try. Hubby comments that the koay kak is a bit too soft for him. As for me, I think it tastes not bad. ^o^
Deep Fried Belachan Bean curd
There are two stalls selling belachan bean curd. And I am eyeing for another stall deep fried belachan bean curd as I personally think that it looks more delicious compare to this. But hubby went and ordered it from the other stall as I did not mentioned which stall to order. ^o^ The bean curd tastes alright but it does not have strong aroma of belachan on it.
Bee Hoon Thn'g
This stall is situated just right in front of Keat Seng Restaurant. And there are lots of people ordering this too. And you have to wait for quite sometime to being served. ^o^
Overall, their bee hoon thn'g tastes alright.
Chicken Satay
Chee Cheong Fun
My gal ordering Chee Cheong Fun but ends up hubby finished it as my gal told me that she doesn't like it but my hubby told me that it tastes not bad.
Tom Yam Fish Meat Bee Hoon Soup
Hubby also ordered this for me to try. Don't panic when you see the colour of the tom yam. It does not tastes as spicy as it look. When it is being served, hubby told me this must be very spicy but after I tried it is not spicy at all. Even my gal helps herself with this tom yam bee hoon soup.
There are more stalls to try....... it is one of the place that you can try many local delicacies in one go........^o^


worldwindows said...

The Belacan Bean Curd is new. Must be a Nyonya concoction.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this so awesome, satay for breakfast too?

SimpleGirl said...

the tom yam mee hoon looks additional to that there is fish meat...perfect match!

foodbin said...

all my fave food!

allie said...

wah.. your girl also can eat the tom yam ar... means not spicy at all? Or your gal is very good in eating spicy food? ehhe

Selba said...

Oh my.. I'm drooling of Char Koay Kak... Haven't eaten it for more than 10 years.... couldn't find it here in Indonesia so far....

ck lam said...

I have been to this place a few times...they do have many choices.

Food Paradise said...

worldwindows - There are lots of place selling it in Penang.

BBO - Thanks for dropping by.... aiyo.... no leh.... only satay at night for this shop. If you want Satay in the morning, do try the Satay @ Bangkok Lane. It's Kocha satay.

Simple Girl - The tom yam bee hoon looks nice but not spicy at all. ^o^

Food Paradise said...

foodbin - really?

allie - off course not spicy at all leh..... she cannot take too spicy foods. ^o^ But at least she is trying to have some spicy foods now.

Selba - comes and makan here.... arrange a trip with your families to come makan. ^o^

Food Paradise said...

ck lam - yes.... many choices to choose from.... ^o^

NaNcY tEo's page... said...

ORDER 1.TOUFU 2. TOM YAM BEE HOON... make sure u jot it down and bring mi there when I go Penang!

Food Paradise said...

Nancy - You better take note yourself. ^o^

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