Tuesday, 31 March 2009

西公园 @ Transfer Road, Penang

During one weekend, my gal told us that she wanted to have lunch while we were @ town. And she specifies that she wants to have some "Chu Char". Hubby has no idea where to have lunch around 1.30pm in the afternoon. As usually most of the place will wrap up their lunch hours in 30 minutes or so. Then suddenly...... I recall this shop ~ 西公园 @ Transfer Road, Penang.
For Map Location, please click here.
I never dine there before but hubby went there with my MIL for their fried rice before and told me that it tastes very delicious. My MIL also told me that it has the "Wok Hei". So since my gal wants to have chu char we decided to go there as the shop operates from 11am till late.
When we arrived there, there are only few tables of people but after we finished our order, more customers are visiting them. And by the time we leave, it is almost full house. ^o^
The uncle took our order asked us if we want any soups..... and after a range of soups the uncle named it..... we go for their
Cabbage Soup
The uncle was telling us. The cabbage soup "Ho Chiak". Kids will loves it. So we settle with the cabbage soup and the uncle is right. The soup tastes nice and sweet. My gal loves it very much and I lose count how many bowl of soup she gobbles up. ^o^ And there are many ingredients in the soup as well.
Soya Sauce Pork
Uncle also recommended this for my gal...... so we ordered this and give it a try. The pork is very thinly slices and tastes nice but hubby and I found it a bit salty to our liking. It is best to go with some white rice.
Fu Yong Omelette's
Hubby asked uncle whether there are any egg dishes? And uncle told us Fu Yong Omelette's. The Fu Yong Omelette's is very fragrant. It has a very nice aroma and it tastes nice but also a bit salty to our liking.
Assam Prawn
The last dish is the assam prawn and it tastes very nice and fresh.
Overall..... everyone of us is enjoying the meal there. And the price is very reasonable.


Hock Chai said...

Thank you for visiting See Kong Ooi, regarding to your suggestions on the taste, we will look into it, and please may tell "Uncle" to control salty taste when next visit. We are looking forward to serve you and your girl.

One again thank you very much.

Your ChuCha Chef, Hock Chai

New Kid on the Blog said...

very home cook feel...

email2me said...

Sai Kong Hui's asam prawn and the asam curry fish is the best in Penang. Serving time is fast too!

550ml jar of faith said...

I love your blog for the endless Chu Char recommendations! Can always rely on your posts to find new and unheard of Chu Char places in Penang... now if only I actually lived in Penang...

Little Inbox said...

Nice to know that they are taking action to improve the taste. :)

Food Paradise said...

Hock Chai - Thanks for dropping by! ok I will drop by some other time to try your other specialty. And this time when the "uncle" went into the kitchen said... less salt.... then it might be us again visiting "See Kong Ooi". ^o^

NKOTB - yes.....

email2me - I agreed with you, their serving time is very fast and next time I will try their assam curry fish. ^o^

Food Paradise said...

550ml jar of faith - I am glad that you like the Chu Char recommendations. No worry... whenever you come back to Penang, you can try it. ^o^

Little Inbox - yes.... I am thrilled to receive their comment. You should go and try it out too! ^o^

Hock Chai said...

Food Paradise- I am so so so impressed with the 63 posts of CHU CHAs that you made. Happy eating n Happy Blogging , I happy cooking~~

Many custumers make special order of specifying thier taste. mild , salty , soury ,less oil, more hot n spicy. As long as the visit us frequently , they used to know our "standdard" taste and with thier requirement of adjust the taste to thier liking. Most of my colleague remember thier so called "member's" specified item and we are VERY willing to act as our regular customer's 2nd HOME Kitchen.

Thank Food Paradise by having this post and thank everybody by supporting See Kong Ooi, and looking forward to see you all.

p.s. If you see a very Fat guy , thats me , :) sorry for not doing any greetings to the table , when service time is on, I am always not that "clean" to get close to customers and I will politely keep some distance.

Your ChuCha Chef Hock Chai

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Hock Chai - Yes.... Happy Cooking for you! ok I will say Hi! to you if I managed to see you around for my next visit. ^o^

My Taste Heaven said...

Never heard about this . Where exactly about ? My singaporean friend came back during CNY and was asking me about ASAM Prawn. Should take him there, haha.

Hock Chai said...

My Taste Heaven- Transfer road is next toSri Bahari rd, a famous steak house The ship is located there, n we r close to Regal Malaysia hotel n Boon Siew's Mansion. hope to see you and your Singaporean Friends.

Your ChuCha Chef, Hock Chai

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

My Taste Heaven - It is located @ Transfer Road and I have upload google maps in the blog posts and with the direction of Hock Chai, I think you should not have any problem locating them. If you do, please let me know and I can lead you. And thanks for dropping by. ^o^

Hock Chai - Thanks for the direction. ^o^

Hock Chai said...

Food Paradise- I really love food, not only cook but eat too,With food bloggers't posts , now I able too eat all around places by places with my eyes and through readings, and " LESS GET FAT" too, its really so grateful, Thank for your sharing~!!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Hock Chai - You are welcome. Perhaps you could suggest me some good foods that I should try. ^o^

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