Friday, 27 March 2009

MR. POT CAFE @ Lebuh Farquar, Penang

During the last week of December 2008, we went to town for some shopping. By the time we arrived town, it was traffic jam all the ways. We were so hungry and just grab whatever that is fast and quick. And we saw Mr. Pot, and we went to try since we saw many floggers blog about it before.

Interior of Mr. Pot
Location: No. 8 MWE Plaza, Lebuh Farquar, Georgetown, Penang.
Map Location
After browsing through the menu, we decided to order:

Dragon Fruit Drink
Hubby ordered this. By the time the drink arrive, my gal and I looked at each other. ^o^ It's red dragon fruit........ it is rich in vitamin though. Hubby had his first sip and out of surprised, he told us to try it as he claimed that it is very refreshing. And we tried some and found that it tastes nice and refreshing.
MR. POT Ice cappuccino
I had this and since it is a very hot day and this helps me to cool down and the ice cappuccino tastes ok but a bit sweet towards my liking.

BBQ Chicken Spaghetti
Hubby comments that the bbq does not tastes nice as it is mainly burnt. And the spaghetti is just ok. But my gal is the one to finish it all. ^o^

Nasi Lemak Rendang
Well..... the nasi lemak tastes just so-so to me.

Ice-cream Toast
Hubby also ordered ice-cream toast to try. And it turns out to be great. Although it is a very simple things to do. 
Our total bill for this lunch cost us RM40.90.


allie said...

The ice cream toast looks great! But too bad that the other food turn out to be so so huh...

SimpleGirl said...

oops, the chicken really burnt...should request them to change,,?!!haha...n overall, quite expensive also.ya!?

New Kid on the Blog said...

looks like it's a happy meal, huh?

sakaigirl said...

Mmmm... food pics always make me suffer form "I want to eat that now!"
yeah, it becomes worse when i'm on diet..huhuh..the pics u took looks soo tempting to me now, drooling**

Becklee said...

Aiyoh, the barbecued chicken really looks burnt. And the ice cream toast reminds me of my school days when I used to buy the ice cream wrapped in bread. Not quite like the one I see in your picture, though.

Food Paradise said...

allie - Yes.... the toast tastes nice eventhough it is a simple dish. ^o^

SimpleGirl - yes..... chicken is burnt.... can see from the pic.... ^o^

NKOTB - ^o^

Food Paradise said...

sakaigirl - why go on diet? You looks good? Is it a part of the wedding plan? Glad that my pic make you drool..... that's mean my photography is not that bad huh. ^o^

Becklee - I thought the school days ice cream wrapped in bread is not toasted right? That's why it's different. ^o^

Pow Long Wong said...

Hi, if not mistaken, the Mr Pot at lebuh fahquar already close shop already. Now , only left the one in the persiaran Gurney one.


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Pow - Yes, thanks for your update. Yes indeed only left the one in the Persiaran Gurney.

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