Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Sabah Food Hunt Part 10 - Bella Italia Pizzeria Ristorante Cafe

I am going to wrap up my Sabah Food Hunt in this post. This is the last dinner that we had during our CNY trip in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Since we had seafoods and "chu char" most of the time, I suggest that we had some "Italian Food".
Since they did not say "No", we proceed to the following Italian Restaurant ~ Bella Italia Pizzeria Ristorante Cafe
Location: The Jesselton Hotel
69 Jalan Gaya, 88000 Kota Kinabalu.
Tel: 088 - 313366
The buildings and some of the interior of Bella Italia Pizzeria Ristorante Cafe
For a starter, the following are the drinks that we ordered for the night:
Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Hot Milo, Latte Macchiato, Fresh Honey Dew Juice and Golden Dream.
Basically..... nothing much to elaborate with their drinks. Except for my sis. She opts for the cocktail ~ "Golden Dream". I get to taste some and mainly it's orange juice only very mild liquor in there. lol Other drinks taste ok.

Mix Seafood Tomatoes Fettuccine
I ordered this for myself and the seafood is very fresh and the sauce tastes very nice. Not too sour.

Combo Pasta
Hubby orders this for himself and he is a bit greedy as he ordered the "combo". lol The combo consist of fish and seafoods. He still think that he did not consume much of the seafoods from Sabah so since it's the last say in Sabah. He ordered more seafoods. lol
For this combo, you get to choose which type of pasta you like. The fish is very fresh and pan fried till perfection. And the seafoods pasta tastes very delicious.

Chicken Lasagna
My brother opts for chicken lasagna. And off course we share among each other and it tastes very delicious too. And not too cheesy at all.

This is off course my gal ordered. Spaghetti........ hahahahhaa.....It's spaghetti with tuna. It tastes very nice as well. Once the dish arrive, she can't wait to dig in. And she is satisfy with her spaghetti tonno.
Special Chicken Ravioli
Mum and sis opt for special chicken ravioli. It's their January special. Basically if you love creamy foods, you will love it. But if you are not the creamy foods lover, please don't try this. I find that the chicken ravioli is very nice but I think it's too creamy to consume it in one go. lol
Pizza 12" + 7 toppings
We decided to try out their pizza since my brother is "Pizza" lover. lol We order the 12" pizza and we get to choose the toppings. You can add as many toppings as possible. They just charge you accordingly. Well...... let me recall what are the 7 toppings that they chose. hmmm..... They are mushroom, onion, anchovies, pineapples, artichokes, bacon slices and ......
The Pizza has a very thin base. It is what we love about. And the combination of the 7 toppings go well with the pizza. The Pizza gone in no time. lol
Next.........the desserts..... da....da.....da......da.......
Chocolate Pudding and Bella Sundae
I asked the waitress about their "Popular" desserts. As they have plenty of desserts to choose from. And she highly recommended me to try their chocolate pudding. So I order one to try and mum and sis order bella sundae. The bella sundae consist of 4 single ice-cream scoop of your choices and sprinkle with almond slice and top with cream and cherry.
As for the tastes vice, I am quite disappointed with the chocolate pudding, may be I have high expectation of it. lol It is not the best chocolate pudding that I had tried so far.
Overall..... we did enjoyed our meal.


ck lam said...

The pizza looks good and its a good idea to pay according to your add-on ingredients.

SimpleGirl said...

wow, sumptous Italian meal...my eye was on the Coffex coffee....I've tried in Australia..wonder whether it's the same brand...how was it? The one I've tried in Aus was very good

cariso said...

So many types of pasta! No wonder you are 'mee' queen too! :)

Penang Tua Pui said...

seems like everyone will have the Italiana Fever soon.......

all italiana post recently...

soo sean said...

I am not familiar with KK food, but I did try Little Italy at KK. Do you know that restaurant?

550ml jar of faith said...

What's the filling in the Chicken Ravioli? It doesn't look that creamy to me from the picture, I find it rather intriguing, compared to the more basic tomato-based pasta dishes.

Food Paradise said...

ck lam - The pizza tastes nice too. Yes... I found that it is quite nice to add on your favourites and pay accordingly to your add on ingredients.

Simple Girl - As for the Coffex coffee, it tastes nice. But not sure whether is the same as the Australia one.

cariso - hahahhaa..... we already added by Jason as "Mee queen" liao. lol You are no longer alone! :P

Food Paradise said...

PTP - hahahhaa..... just coincidence..... just to wrap up my last food hunt trip in Sabah. :D

soo sean - Yes.... I know that restaurant. Actually.... wanna try that too. But only few days... not enough time. My sis tried it before and she told me is nice too. So how you find the foods in Little Italy?

550ml Jar of faith - The Chicken Ravioli is not creamy. It is the sauces. lol

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