Monday, 16 March 2009

Rou Gu Cha KiNG @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

It was raining yesterday evening and we decided to go Queensbay Mall to have our dinner since they have car park where we won't get wet.
Initially, our intention is not visiting Rou Gu Cha KiNG as we also did not realised there is a shop barely opened just for a week. They opened since last Monday. It's my gal who spotted this restaurant and told us all about it. And since we never tried their foods before, we decided to give it a try!
Rou Gu Cha KiNG
Some promotion set menu
Garlic Scallop ~ RM6.90
There are 4 garlic scallops in a plate. There are lots of garlic on top of the scallops as what the name called. hahhahahaa........ If you do not like garlic, please omit this.
Red Wine Chicken Rou Gu Cha (SET) ~ RM17.90
We ordered this to try. We ordered the one person set meal. It consists of red wine chicken rou gu cha, white rice,
bean sprout with oyster sauce, beancurd, "you char kway"
and tea.
We were fascinated by the name red wine chicken rou gu cha. And it is specify that their red wine is from Australia. As we had some Foo Chow red wine before and so we are willing to try the Australia red wine cook with rou gu cha. And since it's raining season, a bowl of rou gu cha would be nice. lol
My gal wanted to try the soup and after first sip she told me it's very sweet and many wine in there. lol Well..... she is right, the soup base is a bit sweet due to the red wine plus the chicken and it has a strong wine aroma. However, hubby comments that the rou gu cha cannot sustain the heat well due to the air condition, the heat gone in just few minutes. As hubby prefer "HOT" soup. ^o^
Dry Rou Gu Cha (SET) ~ 12.90
We also ordered another personal set for dry rou gu cha as we want to try their differences. In the menu, it's indicate that dry rou gu cha is a bit spicy but it turn out to be not spicy at all. This is my gal told me. I agree with her too. However the pork is very tender and the tastes vice is not too bad. Other than chicken and pork, there are other ingredients like meat balls, bean curd, mushroom, tofu bamboo vegetables........
However, you can add on extra things from the menu, and it will charge accordingly.
Golden Pear Dumplings ~ Rm6.90
Hubby saw this and he thinks that it is very cute and decided to try it out. It is basically
consist of vegetarian meat, potato, Japanese bread crumb, Cinnamomi Ramulu (from the menu).
We did not like it after our first bite.
Map Location for Rou Gu Cha KiNG


Penang Tua Pui said...

we are about to go only... hee hee.. ur so fast all the time :P

New Kid on the Blog said...

Oh this is it!! I was at the upper floor and I saw this outlet, yet I can't see what's the name... now I know already. Thanks for sharing.

Little Inbox said...

I've not walk in to this shop yet. Thanks for sharing. I'm interested to try the dry bak kut teh.

SimpleGirl said...

dry BKT looks still haven't try it b4...

allie said...

The golden pear dumplings looks so cute la... but too bad it taste bad :(

Hong CN said...

wah lao... first time heard dry BKT pulak :-) Attractive :-) Make me wish to try out :-)

Food Paradise said...

PTP - aiya... just coincidence only. Not every time fast leh..... will wait to see your review. ^o^

NKOTB and Little Inbox - Both of you are welcome and will wait to see both of your review too. ^o^

SimpleGirl - Should go and try some dry bak kut teh. It is very easy to get in KL.

Food Paradise said...

allie - yes.... it looks cute. May be you can give it a try if you like vegetarian meat. As we don't really enjoy vegetarian meat. ^o^

Hong CN - Please go and try it out. There are few stall that I came across sold dry bak kut teh in Penang. Will see your review on dry bak kut teh too. ^o^

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