Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Chee Wah Curry Fish Head @ Lebuh Melayu

Hubby wants to try Chee Wah Curry Fish Head for long long time already and he always went there at the wrong hours. Chee Wah Curry Fish Head business hour is from 11am - 3pm and it is closed on Sunday. So please remember the operating hours and don't follow my hubby foot steps. ^o^ But anyway, he is so thrilled that he finally tastes the Curry Fish Head from this shop.
Chee Wah Curry Fish Head is located @ 68 Malay Street (which is Lebuh Melayu), 10100 Penang. From the photos above, you see a blue and white umbrella? That's the front of Chee Wah Curry Fish Head Restaurant.
The entrance to the restaurant
Penang Curry Fish Head
Interior of the restaurant
Curry Fish Head
Actually when you enter the premises, the aroma of curry fish head smell so nice. After ordering, it is quite fast that our vegetable dish arrived and follow by the curry fish head.
The person who took our order asked us if we want to add prawn and sotong. Hubby asked for prawn only.
The tastes is very nice and the fish is fresh too. They used the "KALAK" fish head to cook their curry. Hubby and my gal found it spicy for them but they still cannot resist the curry aroma and ate lots of it. ^o^
Curry fish head and prawn
Big curry "Kalak" fish head
From the photos, you will see there are many herbs inside the curry fish head claypot
My fresh and delicious prawn on my plate. ^o^ There are 4 prawns and a big "Kalak" fish head serves with lady fingers too.
Stir fry Kailan
We found that the kailan is a bit too salty for our liking.
Overall....... we will come back for their curry fish head and also to try their "Pig Trotters in Vinegar stew". But the pig trotters in vinegar stew only available on Wednesday. So plan your food trip properly in order to savour their delicious food in one go. ^o^
They also serves some economy rice and this place is air condition. You can contact Mr. Loke Chee Wah @ 0125607042 for direction or enquiries.
Map Location of Chee Wah Curry Fish Head.


Anonymous said...

the curry fish head looks yummy yummy...
how much u pay for it? =)

allie said...

i feel that the curry fish head is too spicy to my liking and it's quite expensive too. :p

sakaigirl said...

Looks appetizing!

Food Paradise said...

Anonymous - Curry Fish Head tastes nice too! It cost us RM50.40 (including beverage + 2 rice + curry fish and prawn + vegetables)

allie - hahhaha..... my gal and hubby feel spicy too! But to me still acceptable. ^o^

sakaigirl - tastes nice too, you can go with KK and try it!

Little Inbox said...

Hmm...quite expensive lor.

Little Inbox said...

Hmm...quite expensive lor.

J2Kfm said...

interesting find. though havent heard of KALAK fish or whatever it is. freshwater fish?

and the addition of prawns/squids is a nice touch, though no wonder the inflated price at the end of the meal :)

Becklee said...

Wah, just looking at the pictures of fish head curry makes me hungry. I heard a lot about the delicious food in Penang, but haven't really tasted all of them.

SimpleGirl said...

the fish head looks really good...and the place looks so clean.

email2me said...

The curry gravy do looks tempting to me. Especially sourish and spicy is my fav. I can down the whole bowl of rice just with some good fish curry gravy. :)

Food Paradise said...

Little Inbox - Some do find a bit expensive. ^o^

J2Kfm - err.... I think is not fresh water fish. Also not too sure need to ask my MIL. ^o^ Yup, addition of prawns/squids are nice. Yummy!

Becklee - hahahha..... well... honestly me too.... how can we finished tastes all the Penang foods? There are too many foods to try. ^o^

Food Paradise said...

SimpleGirl - yes the fish heads tastes delicious. And the place is very clean. ^o^

email2me - yes, me too.... I always like to mix the curry gravy with the rice. And I can eat many bowl if I am hungry. ^o^ Do try it out when you come to Penang next time.

cariso said...

My opinion same as Allie. *shrugged*

Food Paradise said...

cariso - yes.... the curry is too spicy for some who cannot take spicy food. ^o^

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