Thursday, 19 March 2009

Kedai Kopi Sin Kek Seng

Hubby want to bring us to Sin Kek Seng for ages already. But each time when we passed by there during weekend, it is full of people and hard to get a car park as during morning session, there is "Pasar" along Lebuh Nipah.
But we were so lucky this time during one weekend and we able to get a car park just some where in front of the coffee shop.
Kedai Kopi Sin Kek Seng
Hubby told me that he used to come here with this colleagues for their chicken rice and also economy rice during their lunch break many years back. So when I entered the coffee shop I am looking at other customers ordering. And I found that most of them ordered "PAN MEE". Then I asked hubby whether the "PAN MEE" is popular in this coffee shop? And he is not sure and he asked me to order and try it out. So....... what I ordered? off course...... "PAN MEE" lor...... ^o^
Dry version Pan Mee
Well.... I had the dry version. And the tastes vice is not too bad. But I found the "Pan Mee" does not have the "QQ" type textures.
Soup version of Pan Mee
Hubby had this and I tried the soup base and it tastes very nice and plenty of "ikan billis" aroma in there. Hubby enjoyed his bowl of soup version of pan mee very much. And he does not agree with me that the pan mee textures is not nice. ^o^ He finds it is acceptable.
Apart from the pan mee, there are other stalls too. My gal opts for western food breakfast and she reckon that the foods tastes nice. And I did not took any of her breakfast as it is very simple breakfast. Hubby asked me whether I want to try their "Chicken Rice" as he reckons that it is very nice. But for that moment, I cannot eat any more. So I reject his offer but willing to go back and try it out one day.
Map Location of Kedai Kopi Sin Kek Seng.


Steven Goh said...

Sin Kek Seng eat Pan Mee?? That is not a wise choice. Sin Kek Seng is good for Duck Rice, remember to try that next time.

Food Paradise said...

Steven Goh - hahahhaa..... I know it is very popular with their chicken and duck rice but when I enter the restaurant, I tell you most of the table is having Pan Mee leh.... and furthermore, it's morning mah and not feeling to have rice, so ordered Pan Mee and try lor..... have to be adventure sometime mah.... ^o^
Will sure to go back there and try their duck rice. Thanks for your recommendation.

worldwindows said...

I have gone for their ice kacang though not as good as the Penang Road shop.

foodbin said...

quite a fair amount of ingredients.

Lingzie said...

so you also a fan of pan mee? ~high five~ me too! good pan mee hard to find in penang. i like the one in the flats opposite vistana hotel.

Food Paradise said...

worldwindows - really ah? I did not try their ice-kacang though. Thanks for telling me that.

foodbin - yeah....

Lingzie - Yes.... I like pan mee. I tried "Hou Mei Yuen" (opposite Vistana Hotel) many times. ^o^ When you came to know delicious pan mee in Penang, let me know ok. lol

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