Monday, 9 March 2009

Sabah Food Hunt Part 9 ~ Port View Seafood Village

The previous post, I post about the cheapest dinner we had during our trip to Sabah. And today I am going to post the most"EXPENSIVE" lunch that we had in Sabah. ^0^
Port View Seafood Village
Location: Lot 18, Ground Floor, Anjung Samudera (The Water Front), Tun Fuad Stephens Road, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 088-221753/242875
They have been "awarded membership diploma Les Amis D'Escoffier Society" and "famous chef special committee for china cuisine association".
And they claimed themselves as "Sabah's best live seafood Restaurant".
**You must be wonder why I said lunch but the photos of the restaurant is night view right?
As I forgot to take the shot in the afternoon and hubby help me to take the photo at night. :D**
Live Seafood Corner
Fish...... fish and more fishes......
Fish and Mantis Prawn
I did mentioned about the Mantis Prawn in my Part 2 Sabah Food Hunt which I did not took any photos of the Mantis Prawn. And here the Mantis Prawn in bottles. Thanks for hubby who took the live seafood corner as I am busy talking with my brother about the Lobster. lol
Finally...... we chose this Lobster for our lunch. We need to order bigger lobster as my brother would like the chef to make 2 different dishes out of the lobster.
View in front of Port View Seafood Village
The Water Front
Sitting area ~ there are actually 3 seating types area. One is open air (for night), non-air condition and air-condition.
Who visited this place before? It's the Miss Hong Kong 2005 and other Hong Kong actor and actress. And also Hugo Leung ~ "Hong Kong Sek San".

Lobster with Cheese
My brother order this dish. He wants the chef to cook lobster with cheese. Well..... the lobster is very fresh..... as live one..... hahhahaha...... and the textures are nice too. Not too hard. lol
Spring Onion Mussel
Well...... it is quite a normal dish. Tastes vice ~ nice and fresh.

Crab with black bean sauce
Err....... the crab sauce is not salty at all and some of the crabs does not have the nice textures.

Lobster Soup
This is the second version of the lobster. My brother asked the chef to cook Miso Lobster soup for us. The soup tastes very nice and sweet. However, my brother reckon that their miso lobster soup is not as good as the one they tried in Miri, Sarawak. lol

Lo Han Cai
Another vegetables......... and we love it very much with all the black fungus............. this is also good to help us to wash away our cholesterol's with all the seafood hunting in Sabah. lol
Steam Fish ~ Coral Grouper
Hubby browsing through the live seafood corner. And he wanted to order something more expensive than this coral grouper. But end up he changed his mind and order this. As I told him, next time we go hunting in Tawau and Sandakan for more cheap seafood. That's how he let go the expensive fish. ^0^
The fish tastes very fresh and nice.
Overall..... the foods are just ok. As I visited this restaurant 4 years ago, I reckon the food back then tastes much more better than now. Since my last visit was with my brother and sister too. And I asked their opinion and they also agree with me. However, this is solely based on our opinion only.


cariso said...

Wow.very impressed with the two lobster dishes leh! I wanna go Sabah also!!!! :)

J2Kfm said...

so how much was the meal? :)

the lobster cooked in cheese should be nice, covering any fishy smell if there's any, and providing enough creaminess to be sinful.

the miso soup with lobster wont be my choice, however. as the stock would be sweet enough without the lobster, wouldnt it?

SimpleGirl said...

Miso Lobster Soup...sounds interesting! Anyway, since the seafood in Sabah has been famous of its freshness...I am sure no matter how it is cooked, should be tasty....

foodbin said...

what a feast for lunch!

worldwindows said...

This swimming coral grouper would cost a bomb. Have to be cooked right as there is no margin for error. I had seen some of these in Acheh fisherman's wet market. A few ringgit for a smaller one albeit dead.

sakaigirl said...

OOoo..lobster..wish i can have it right now, I mean NOW!!! It's 11.30am in office and im hungry,lol..

Food Paradise said...

cariso - Go...... and makan cum travel lor.... will wait to see your review. ^o^

J2Kfm - hahaha.... cost around 6++. Well.... not sure about the miso soup as we never try their miso soup there b4. We only try their miso lobster soup. lol

SimpleGirl - well... not really.... I think the way they cook is also very important. It will also affect the foods quality. ^o^

Food Paradise said...

foodbin - yup....... ^o^

worldwindows - hahahhaha..... you are quite right! :D

sakagirl - hahhahaa..... when you see food blog before the meal time, usually make you feel hungry. lol Thanks for dropping by! ^o^

foodees said...

Love to visit Sabah 1 day.
Everything looks so fresh!

Food Paradise said...

foodees - yes..... it's fresh and do visit Sabah one day. And thanks for dropping by. ^o^

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