Monday, 16 February 2009

T & T Prawn Mee Shop

Recently, my gal is addicted to Hokkien Mee. Whenever we go for hawker foods, she will look around for Hokkien Mee. :D So few weeks ago when we passed through Lorong Selamat, we saw this restaurant. So we decided to give it a try.

After looking at the sign board, we just realised that there is another outlet @ Lebuh Hong Kong. We did not realise there is a Prawn Mee shop around there. lol

Busy preparing Hokkien Mee
At each table, they have 2 containers ~ deep fried shallots and chillies paste. So the customers will have the choice to add extra shallots and /or chili pastes that suit their taste buds.

Hokkien Mee with extra Prawns
Hubby order this for my gal and me. My gal cannot resist the aroma. Once the hokkien mee is being serves, she can't wait but still she gave me some time to take some shots of the Hokkien Mee before she dig in. lol My gal finds it very spicy for her but she still keep eating it. lol
The soup base has a very rich aroma. And it tastes not bad. 

Hokkien Mee with Spare Ribs
However, my hubby opts for the spare ribs. And he comments that the spare ribs are not very tender. He reckons that this hokkien mee is just ok for his taste buds. lol

Noodles Texture
In term of the noodles, we love it very much as I don't like soft noodles textures. And this shop serves the noodle texture according to our liking.


Steven Goh said...

nice hokkien mee, I love the big prawn on the noodle, usually the stalls that I've been to give very small prawn and this is different

550ml jar of faith said...

Look at the size of those prawns!! Yummy! The big question... what was the damage to the wallet??

cariso said...

Ya lah, no tell price one?! :)

Little Inbox said...

Only serve with yellow noodle? Hmm...I like to have yellow noodle mix with bee hoon.

Food Paradise said...

Steven Goh - Steven, my hubby asked for extra prawns and in this stall you can add on many stuff. Do try it next time when you are around that area.

550ml jar of faith and Cariso - hahhaa.... I am not sure how much does that cost as I am not the one who pay the bill. My hubby also could not remember clearly. As we getting older liao. lol (from memory, 2 bowl hokkien mee + 2 drinks ~ Ice milo and Ice Coffee) cost around RM12++)

Little Inbox - No.... they do serves with bee hoon too. Actually, when you looked clearly on the extra prawn pictures, you will see bee hoon in there. lol Only my hubby opt for yellow noodles only. So since my gal start eating already, I took the photos from my hubby bowl. lol

New Kid on the Blog said...

i never know there's one... newly open is it??

Food Paradise said...

NKOTB - er.... from their banner, it said opening on 20 December 2008.

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