Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ho Ping @ Kampung Malabar, Penang

It has been a hectic week for me for the past week. There are too many things for me to deal with. And also its the beginning of a new year and school started for my little gal and so on. Hahahhaa...... Therefore, I don't have much time to update my blog for the past few days. I told myself that I should spend sometime during the weekend to update my blog and also to start blog hopping. lol
I am scratching my head wonder what should I blog about as there are still lots of back logs to be clear. And accidentally I saw this post that I intend to blog about it last year. But too bad that I run out of time to published this last year. It is better late than don't post right? lol
Today, I am going to blog about the foods that served in Ho Ping @ night. I blog about Ho Ping before. And you can read about it from here.
From that post, I was recommended by CK to try out the night porridge of this place. So without hesitation, we went there to try it out soon after reading the comments. And we been going back for few times to have their porridge and also Bee Hoon Thn'g.
Bak Moi ( Pork Porridge)
The stall is situated outside of Ho Ping. Along Kampung Malabar. My advise is to go early to avoid the crowd. As there are quite numbers of patrons came for the bak moi, bee hoon thn'g, koay tiaw thn'g and more. I saw many of them came for take away too.
The first visit we went there we are lucky not to wait for too long but our second visit we went there and need to wait for longer time. ^-^ But hubby did not complained as he is in loves with the bee hoon thn'g being served there.
I had bak moi on my first visit. And the soup is quite tasty as it has a very rich flavour of all the combination of "spare parts" plus pork mince.
Bee Hoon Thn'g
Hubby is in loves with this bee hoon thn'g. The reason behind this is because the generous amount of the "spare parts" served in the bee hoon thn'g. And we found out that they also contain pig brain in there. All of those are high in cholesterol. hahhahaa.......but it is hard to get all the "spare parts" all in one in a stall like this easily.
If you are a pork "spare parts" lover, you should give this place a try!
Closed up version of Bee Hoon Thn'g
We like the textures of the thick bee hoon.
Lor Bak Stall
This is the same lor bak stall in the morning session. I took this photos in the night time while waiting for our bak moi and bee hoon thn'g. And since we were hungry, we ordered some of the lor bak to eat first. lol
*****Please remember to wait patiently for the bak moi and bee hoon thn'g if you want to try it. :P *****
Lor Bak
Closed up lor bak
Another closed up lor bak
Ho Ping also served some fried noodles, char hor fun and also economy rice at night.
(Sorry for the blur photos as I took that when my camera lens have some problems. ^-^)


♥peachkins♥ said...

This is also very popular here...

Unknown said...

peachkins - really? I should arrange a trip there and try the foods in your country. ^-^

Tailim said...

i like the porridge, thanks for the information.

Unknown said...

Sin Tai Lim - You are welcome. ^-^

BearyInformative said...

my dad likes to frequent this place too. i think the porridge and the bee hun soup is really nice...however, my worst experience, having to wait for almost 1 hr for my food to be served, like you said, avoid the peak time.
i would still go there for nice food though! ;)

allie said...

Finally saw your post after some time! Welcome back!

NaNcY tEo's page... said...

seems like the porridge is good

wenn said...

oh, i just had loh bak!

Food For Tots said...

The bee hoon thn'g looks so yummy. Must bookmark this place. ;)

foodbin said...

for the Bee hoon thn'g, they used thick bee hoon which i like and Penang lor bak is also my fave, too.

Unknown said...

BearyInformative - An hour? Well, lucky I did not wait that long. But it's better to go there early. ^-^

allie - Thanks! Allie.....been busy lately. ^-^

Nancy - You can give it a try!

wenn - really? What a coincidence.

Food For Tots - Yes, you can try this in your next trip back. ^-^

foodbin - I think in Penang, most places you are able to choose from either thin or thick bee hoon. But some stall have limited choice. ^-^

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