Saturday, 16 January 2010

Spring Garden KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

In my last visit to Kuala Lumpur, we stopped by KLCC for dinner since the hotel that we stayed are just nearby to KLCC. Since it was our first night in KL and also my gal are feeling not well after travelling from Penang to KL, we decided to go for "Chinese Cusine".
I recall that my fellow blogger's blog about this place before I went to KL. So without hesitation, I told them about this place and they agreed to try out the foods in

Spring Garden
Location: Lot 413, 4th Floor, Suria KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 - 2166987
Fax: +603-21667686
After we were being seated, the waitress there gave us the menu and after look through the menu, hubby decided to order:
Vegetable Mushroom Soup ~ RM15
Hubby ordered this for my gal since the doctor reckon us to give my daughter something light and not oily. So after browse through the menu, hubby decided to order this for her. The verdict from her is nothing special. ^-^ (Note: I think she also not in good appetite that night too!)
Sauteed Celery Shimeiyi ~ RM28
We love with this plate of vegetables. Since there are lots of combination in there. And every one had the chance to taste upon different kinds of vegetables. The different combination of the vegetables are great and we love it. But it was too salty for us. If they can cut down their salt, it would be excellent.

Braised Bean Curd with Crab meat ~ RM28
At first we thought that my gal would be able to try this. But after this being served, we decided not to let her to have this as it will be a bit spicy for her. And since she is not comfortable, it is not good for her to take some spicy foods.
Something that 3 of us found that this dish is less salty than the sauteed celery shimeyi although inside this claypot of bean curd consist of some salted fish. Overall, this braised bean curd with crab meat are nice to go with rice.

Deep Fried Fermented Bean Curd Shatin Chicken with ~ RM26
hubby purposely ordered this for my sister. But at the end she only had one of this. And the rest of it gone into my tummy. ^-^ Well, I must said that the deep fried fermented bean curd shatin chicken is very rich flavour. And not to mention of the aroma. If you like fermented bean curd, perhaps you can give this a try.
Stir Fry Fish Fillet with Spring Onion and Ginger ~ RM38 and Braised Peanut ~ RM5
And the last dish that we try would be the stir fry fish fillet with spring onion and ginger. We knew that we would not be able to finished the whole fish. So we decided to have some fish fillet instead. Overall, it is quite a normal dish and it is quite salty for us as well. ^-^
Overall, the foods served in this restaurant are ok. Only it is a bit too salty for our liking. The service are great and very attentive. The total bills plus all the government tax and service charge, it came to RM196.10 for 4 of us.


Little Inbox said...

Oh, your poor little girl who looked at those yummy food, but no appetite.

wenn said...

true, usually outside food is quite salty. i still prefer home-cooked food.

♥peachkins♥ said...

these are good food..

New Kid on the Blog said...

Oh, you finally went there... :)

allie said...

chu char queen! Go to KL also hunt for chu char food! Yummy!

Duckie said...

yes yes a little too salty!!!

foodbin said...

quite reasonably priced.

taufulou said...

aiks..dint know that klcc got such a nice chinese food restaurant~

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Little Inbox - ya.... if not she would be eating non stop. ^-^

wenn - ya... home-cooked foods are the best. ^-^

peachkins - yup ^-^

NKOTB - ya.... finally. ^-^

allie - hahhahaa.....

Duckie - I thought I am the only one feel that. So at least I have some one that agreed with my tastebud. lol

foodbin - For the location, I agreed. ^-^

taufulou - So now you know. So hope to see your review soon. ^-^

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