Sunday, 15 August 2010

Restaurant Hing Kee @ Lebuh China, Penang

Few weeks ago, hubby and I went down to town to do some banking. So before we do some banking stuff, we went to have breakfast. Hubby was asking me what shall we have for breakfast when we were on the way down to town? As most of the time we will go to the usual few spots to have breakfast. Since we still have some time before we do our banking stuff, we decided to have something different. Since my gal was not with us as she was schooling on that day. I told hubby that we shall try something that my gal don't like.
Then all of the sudden, my mind flashes the words ~~~~~~~"CONGEE". Congee is one of the things that my gal does not like since baby.
I have been wanted to try the Chee Cheong Chok from Restaurant Hing Kee for long long time. And finally, my wish came through. Finally got the chance to try:

Chee Cheong Chok
When we arrived at the shop, only one table of customer enjoys their hot pipping congee. So we sat down and order 2 bowls of Chee Cheong Chok and additional plate of Char Siew. This is not the first time that we dine in here. We have been here for many times but for their "Chu Char" only. Their Chu Char is really cheap but only limited dishes to order.
However, this is the first time we try their chee cheong chok. As this congee is only available in the morning session from Friday to Sunday only.
At the first look of the congee, there are nothing special. Just a plain congee look. But one thing that we noticed were the congee still boiling while being served in front of us. It's like congee is doing the dancing. lol If you really want a hot pipping congee, I suggest you give this place a try!
After I dig into the congee, I found many treasures deep down the bowl of congee. There are bbq pork, pig intestines, roast pork, spring onion and..........
I did not add any peppers or soya sauce in my bowl of congee. I just like the ordinary taste of it. But if you are person that like very "salty" foods, perhaps you can add some soya sauce to go with it. Since my age are catching up fast, guess something light would be better for my health. lol
Before we left, there are more people flocking in just to have this simple and yet nice aroma of congee. ^o^

Char Siew
Hubby ordered another plate of char siew to go with the porridge. Actually, Chee Cheong Chok itself have many ingredients in it. But hubby saw the char siew hanging on the shelf and can't resist to order some to try! Well, hubby make a right choice! As the char siew is very tender. But I feel a tiny bit of saltiness. Still acceptable to go with the congee. Look at the plate of the char siew? They still use the olden days of plate. You also can opt for the roast pork as well. I believed that the roast pork will be very delicious too!
So if you run out of idea where to have some congee for breakfast, perhaps you can drop by and try it out!
(Note: They only served congee in the morning session only!!!)
And guess how much we paid for two bowls of Chee Cheong Chok and a plate of Char Siew? It's only RM9.00. ^o^


Sin Tai Lim said...

Good idea chok for breakfast & thanks for sharing.

CRIZ LAI said...

Aww.. I so missed having that for breakfast. I love mine with lots of fried "cheong" on top. :P

wenn said...

the char siew looks yummy! Btw, I hv a new blog entitled Scrumptious.

gill gill said...

yup, indeed thier chee cheong zok is nice.

cariso said...

Only Friday to Sunday. OMG!

Duckie said...

absolutely love chee cheong chok!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Sin Tai Lim - You are welcome. ^-^

CRIZ - really tastes nice..... ^-^

wenn - Yup, will add to my blog lists. Thanks for sharing. ^-^

gill gill, cariso and Duckie - ^-^

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