Friday, 24 June 2011

Food Gallery (食代广场) @ Penang Times Square, Penang

During one weekend, we decided to drop by Penang times Square. It's been quite a long time after the opening that we did not return for a visit. Unfortunately, most of the shops were not open and Sunshine City is under renovation. So we walked around and decided to have a tea break at the food court. 
We stop by at one of the dessert corner. And we order

Mango Pudding with toppings
This stall they sell mostly desserts. As we love mangoes very much. Automatically, we will order mangoes. And there are few different toppings from the menu and different puddings. The mango pudding tastes alright. But my gal does not really enjoy the toppings.

Mango Sago Pomelo Ice
Hubby opts for this. If the ice would be a bit smoother will be better. End up with just had the upper part of the mango sago pomelo and with some ice. And left lots of ice sitting in the bowl. ^-^

Bak Chang
Hubby looked around and saw the bak chang corner and decided to buy one to try it. And a week before the dumpling festival, I saw this bak chang being sell in Sunshine Square. As for the tastes, it quite normal.
There are lots of foods in the food gallery though. A long stretch of foods. But since we were not hungry, we just browsed through.


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