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Tainan Restaurant 台湾小吃店

Today, I am going to blog about a place that locates in Midland Shopping Centre. It used to be a very popular shopping centre. But unfortunately right now most of the shops were closed down. I always went back there when there is POPULAR book fest. 
Before this review, I went back once and I noticed that the usual auntie were not there anymore. But the foods taste were some how same as before.

Tainan Restaurant 台湾小吃店
Add : Midlands Park Centre. 488D-1-07, Jln Burmah, 10350 Penang.
Tel : 04-2266871
Business Hours : 11.00 am to 8.30pm (Closed on Monday)
Interior settings
For the start, I will start with some side orders
Taiwan Wantan Soup 红油炒手 RM6.50
If you like ginger. You would definitely like this. As the owner mixed the fresh ginger juice in the wantan ingredients. As for the soup base it is very clear based soup.
Eel Roll 鳗鱼卷 RM6.00
This dish were deep fried. It tastes quite nice. As there are many ingredients in there.
Taiwan Sausage 台湾香肠 RM8.50
Taiwan Beef Noodle RM7
As I don't take beef but my friend told me that the broth was very thick and it tastes like oxtail soup. And they recommend that the soup should be drink while it's hot. As the taste varies when it turns cold. As for the beef itself, they comment that it was ok. Every morning the owner will go to the market to buy the beef themselves just to ensure the beef are in fresh condition.
Saucy Chicken Rice 贵妃鸡饭 RM8
This saucy chicken is a sweet based sauce cooked with wolf berries. The chicken is very tender. I personally like the braised eggs. As the egg yolk is infused by all the braised sauce.
Golden Chicken Wing Rice 香草炸鸡翅饭 RM7
The golden chicken wings are marinated with some rice wine. That's why it has a very nice aroma . You can order this as a side order if you don't wish to take any rice.
Special Pork Rib Rice 豆瓣酱排骨饭 RM7
Although the outlook of this dish does not look attractive. But the taste vice is quite nice. Provided that you like bean paste. I would suggest that you had this with rice. As the bean paste is a bit salty. But when it combine with rice, it would be perfect. The pork rib that I had is very tender.

Pork Chop Rice 排骨饭 RM7
I still remember that I had pork chop rice so often in Taiwan many many years ago. Until I am phobia of it. ^-^ This pork chop was deep fried. It does not look oily at all. And the outer part is very crispy.
Golden Chicken Drumstick Rice 鸡腿饭 RM7
This is what I usually order when I visited this shop in the past. And the golden chicken drumstick that I had this time is a bit too dried. May be the owner had deep fried it for too long. :(
All the meals above were accompanied with salted vegetables, vegetables and minced pork for toppings/toppings of other choices.

You can also opt for set menu. All you need is to add up RM4.50. Then you will get one drink, soup of the day and dessert of the day.
As for the drink you can choose from the menu. As for the soup of the day, it will change everyday (all home cook types). The dessert of the day changes daily as well, such as barley, mung beans, peanut, ice cream, dried longan white fungus and etc (all home cook types)
Following were the menu offer by the restaurant:

Special Pork Rib Rice 豆瓣酱排骨饭 RM7
Pork Chop Rice 排骨饭 RM7
Saucy Chicken Rice 贵妃鸡饭 RM8
Golden Chicken Wing Rice 香草炸鸡翅饭 RM7
Golden Chicken Drumstick Rice 鸡腿饭 RM7
Chicken Chop Rice 香汁鸡排饭 RM9.50
Salad Fish Fillet Rice 果汁沙拉鱼柳饭 RM9.50
Salmon Fish Rice 炸鲑鱼饭 RM13.00
Tempura Prawn Rice 虾排饭 RM 10.50
Taiwan Sausage Rice 台湾香肠饭 RM7
Drunken Chicken Rice 醉鸡饭 RM8
Taiwan Beef Rice 台湾牛肉饭 RM7
Udon Noodle 锅烧面 RM8
Taiwan Wantan Noodle 红油炒手面 RM6.50
Prawn Noodle 虾卷饭 RM6.50
Drunken Chicken 醉鸡 RM9.50
Taiwan Sausage 台湾香肠 RM8.50
Eel Roll 鳗鱼卷 RM6.00
Eel Roll Rice 鳗鱼卷饭 RM7.50
Taiwan Braised Pork Rice 台湾鲁肉饭 RM5.00
Taiwan Dumpling 锅贴 RM6.50
Prawn Roll 虾卷 RM7.50
Taiwan Wantan Soup 红油炒手 RM6.50
Crispy Nestum Chicken Ball Rice 沙律麦香鸡丸饭 RM6.50
Crispy Chicken Ball 沙律麦香鸡丸 RM8.00
P/S: Special thanks to Mr. Chong for the invitation.


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