Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Chee Cheong Cheok @ Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Penang.

Do you know where is this stall?
If you been to the morning market at Jalan Kuala Kangsar (GPS Coordinates : N05 25.093   E100 19.965), I think you will noticed the Chee Cheong Cheok (Pork Innard Congee). Every time when I walked passed the stall, it was full of patrons. This leads my hubby and I wonder.... hmm.... this stall must be good. So we decided to try out the congee. And since we have two seats located just in front of the stall. We just sat there and watching the boss preparing the congee and with the helping hands of his helper.
The boss is very friendly and polite person. He told us to wait for a while as there were too many people waiting. But the waiting period was in acceptable time frame. While waiting for our congee, there are many people came for "take away". So we took some photos using our compact camera.
Fried Intestines (almost finished)
Chee Cheong Cheok with sprinkle spring onion
We order everything - contains fried intestines, intestines, liver, spleen, pig's blood (豬血) and char Siew. (You can request to add or not to add anything from the above to your bowl of congee)

This is how it looks like after I mix everything.
We love the fried intestines very much. Very crispy! And the congee serves while it's hot. It suits my hubby tastes bud as he loves very very hot congee and very very hot soup. When the bowl of congee served in front of me, I still can see the congee still bubbling. ^-^


worldwindows said...

The 'keropok' intestine is my fav. never fail to order it with my chee chap cheok.

Taufulou said...

uh uh..looks very keat eh!

New Kid on the Blog said...

good to see you blog again...

Anonymous said...

Just found this on your blog and I can truly say the last time I had a bowl of the intestine porridge at the above premises was in 1970.

My grand aunt used to live a few doors from the coffee shop.
Makes me hungry just looking at the food.

Hope to go back to Pg for a couple of days next year, god willing and the feast on all those glorious food on your blog!!


Eric Ng

Enqvist said...

which is better if to compare with new lane? been looking for porridge but can't find a good one.

✿ 食情画意 ✿

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

worldwinsows - yup... i love it too! >.<

Taufulou - yes... very "keat".

Eric - yup.... hope you can come back to savour Penang foods.

Enqvist - It's depend which types you like, have you try Hing Kee @ Lebuh China? It's a bit different to New Lane and this one.

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