Tuesday, 9 July 2013

98th Birthday Dinner Celebration @ Jade Garden, Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Another birthday celebration for hubby's grandma. This year she turns 98th. We have few tables of celebration at Jade Garden this year. 
Following were some of the dishes for this year celebration:
Five different  hot plates
Bean Sprouts for the shark fin soup
Shark Fin Soup
Shark Fin Soup with the bean sprout
This have to pre-order. The purpose of the bean sprout is for you to add into the shark fin soup. This year every one get to serve in the small bowl as this year is just a small celebration only few tables.
Suckling Pig
Was disappointed with the suckling pig this time as the pig as it is too fatty and not very crunchy. Most importantly, it has a very strong aroma. :P
Black Pepper Prawn
This is one of the usual dishes prepared by the restaurant.
Steam Promfret
This year, we had normal steam promfret. As previously always had the Teo Chew style Promfret. 
Noodles with prawn, squids, vegetables and pork slice
Well, it was told that it is a must for a birthday celebration dinner to have noodles. This is something different from the previous few years. The noodles itself is springy and the tastes vice were nice.
Deep Fried Tapioca
Deep Fried Tapioca
Dessert of the day
Had two different type of desserts this year. Well, I still preferred the other dessert that we used to order previously than this year dessert. :P
Overall, this year birthday dinner I think was not as good as previous birthday celebration dinner. Prior to this birthday celebration, we dine in there for usual lunch. I think that lunch is much more better than this. Will try to post that some other days. Sometime simple meals are better than an expensive meal, don't you think?


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