Monday, 30 June 2014

Lean Thye Kopitiam @ Lebuh Ah Quee, Penang.

Some of you might already try this lor mee before but for me this is the first time. I passed by many times over the years. Almost full house each time I passed this shop. 
Lean Thye

Kopi "O"
The painting above caught my attention the moment I walked in, so I straight away order a hot kopi "O" when the auntie asked me what to drink. Sugars are provided on each table, which is good as you can add to your preference. 
 Hubby enjoys the coffee but I am not really fancy of this type of kopi "O". Hahahahaha........
Lor Mee
The gravy of the lor mee served here is very thick and full of aroma. You can add extra duck egg, pork and pork skin with extra charges. The chili and garlic pastes are on each table for you to add to your bowl of lor mee according to your liking.
The shop closed on every Sunday. The Lor Mee for small served costs RM3.50 and the large serve costs RM4.


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