Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mackerel Curry Fish Noodles @ Pinang Taste Seafood Restaurant- Lebuh Carnorvan, Penang.

While walking around Penang two weeks ago, we stumbled across this coffee shop while we were making a u - turn since the street was occupied with the morning markets.
The big red sign of Mackerel Curry Noodles catches our attention. So we decided to give this a try in our next food hunting trip. 
According to the uncle, they just barely open for less than 2 months. 
It is just located few shops away from Restoran Aik Hoe.

Mackerel Curry Fish Noodles
The mackerel being served in this bowl of curry noodles is very fresh. They did not deep fried it. Mostly I will have the deep fried mackerel fish. This is actually my first time trying the poached mackerel. Due to the freshness from the fish, it actually makes the bowl of Curry Mee more unique. On the table itself, they have a small containers filled with chilli paste. You can add the amount of chilli according to your tastes. The curry mee per bowl with the mackerel cost around RM6. They do sell curry mee without mackerel though. Just the standard curry Mee.
In the meantime, you will find the following art inside the coffee shop:


Small Kucing said...

Is the near the famous Oh Chien shop?

Mmmm Next time will drop by and try it out

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Small Kucing - I am not sure which Oh Chien shop you referring to.

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