Sunday, 23 August 2009

Kopitiam Good Corner @ Jalan Mas, Green Lane, Penang

During our visit to Green Lane, we saw a banner indicate there is a new food court in Jalan Mas. So we decided to check it out during one weekday for dinner. We were lucky to find a seat for ourselves as it is full. I guess it's new so there are lots of people patronise the coffee shop. The new shop is call
Kopitiam Good Corner
There are lots of hawker stalls in there for you to choose and during our visits, we ordered:
Wantan Mee
This is my gal ordered and she told me that the wantan noodles are nice and she enjoyed her plate of wantan mee.
Tom Yam Chicken Satay and Chicken Satay
Hubby went to satay stalls and order some chicken to try. I was busy capturing other food photos and hubby starts to dig in. And after his first bite, he was disappointed. Then he try tom yam chicken flavours and also have the same expression. Then he asked me to try it myself. Both types of satay are marinate with kunyit I think. So actually, you cannot differentiate between them. They are more and less the same. Although the satay is very tender but it lost it's ommph. Off course this is just base on our own personal tastes bud. As some might like the way it is done. ^-^
Satay Sauce
Chee Cheong Fun
Hubby orders another plate of CCF as he still feels hungry after his spaghetti. I managed to try some of the CCF and overall, it's not bad but we feel that it is a bit salty for our liking.
Hubby went around and saw a western food stall selling spaghetti. So he went and order spaghetti for himself. The outlook of the spaghetti is ok. And dash with lots of parmesan cheese. Well, my gal told me that she can smell that cheese from a far distance. (As my gal don't like parmesan cheese aroma) Hubby asked me to have a try. And I try it and I don't like the spaghetti that they used. I am not sure what brand of spaghetti that they used. I don't really like the textures.
Mee Goreng
This is my order. When we were looking around for seat, I already spotted this mee goreng stall and I saw some of the customers was having it. After browse through the food court, I decided to ordered this. The mee goreng is very tasty and the noodles still maintain it's springy textures. I don't like soft noodles textures. Although this is not the best mee goreng you can find in Penang but it is the best order for the night. I let hubby tries some of my mee goreng and he agreed with me that I have the best ordered. ^-^
There are still lot of stalls to try. And the nasi kandar seems serve delicious foods too!


Big Boys Oven said...

looks like this new foodcourt need some improvement over time!:)

Big Boys Oven said...

looks like this new foodcourt need some improvement over time!:)

SimpleGirl said...

mee goreng was nice in this food court..ok, will note down!

Waco said...

Mee goreng looks nice. I think I saw some baby octopus inside. Yummy~ The spaghetti looks kind of dry.

worldwindows said...

Small portions more varieties. That's what I like about Penang hawker's food.

Becklee said...

Oh yummy, all my favourite food are here!

foodbin said...

all time favorites food.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

BBO - Yes, perhaps it's new, will try out some other time!

SimpleGirl - give it a try if you are in town!

Waco - Yes, the mee goreng taste nice.

worldwindows - so you would be able eat more. lol

Becklee and foodbin - all these foods are easily found in Penang. lol

email2me said...

I miss my penang chee cheong fun! Last week went to Macalister lane and sold out. =.=||

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

email2me - aiyo... should have go early. ^-^

buzzingbee said...

among all the stalls, it looked like the mee goreng is the only one who is not a newbie in food business. Others looks inexperienced, hence the low quality of food.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

buzzingbee - give them some time. ^-^

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