Friday, 14 August 2009

Hwa Pin @ Church Street, Penang

After go through Lingzie blog post where she introduce the delicious pancake @ Church Street, I told hubby about that. And hubby told me ok, when we free we go and try it. So in the first attempt we went there during Sunday (after checking Lingzie posts, I just realise that it is close on Sunday. Business hour is from Monday to Saturday ~ Morning till 2pm) and we could not find it as we over shoot it and some one at the back of the car seat is grumbling that she is very hungry. So we did not go for the second search as need to fill up the "hungry monster" tummy first. lol
Then during one weekday when hubby is on leave, we went there and have a look. Actually the place is very easily spotted. But during the first visit, we did not pay attention. ^-^ Actually, once after you turn from Beach Street to Church Street, the coffee shop ~ Hwa Pin is situated on the second building on your left. Hwa Pin Coffee Shop is few shops away from Pinang Peranankan Mansion and Eng Loh Coffee Shop.
Hwa Pin
Since we went there to have breakfast and not sure what the shop offers as from Lingzie posts, I saw some set lunch offer by the coffee shop. So once seated, we have a look and decided to order:
Curry Mee
This is my order since I saw there is one stall selling curry mee, so I give it a try. From the first impression when I look at this bowl of curry mee, I thought the taste must be awful from the color of the curry soup base. But after start to dig in, hmm...... not that bad. It is something different from the other curry mee that I had before. The chili paste used is something different. And if you like the curry with rich santan, then this would be your choice.

Lor Mee
Hubby had this and actually his bowl of lor mee came first. After snap snap snap, hubby dig in. His verdict is the lor mee is not bad. ^-^

Banana and Raisin Pancake
The highlight for this post would be the "Banana and Raisin Pancake". This is the main thing I came here for. ^-^ Hubby is the first one to try it as you know usually who took the photograph will be the last to dig in. lol Once hubby tasted, he is so excited and told me, "This is great, very juicy raisin and have a very nice banana aroma. Crunchy some more. You will surely love this!".
After hearing that, off course I quickly tried it out and yes, he is right, I love it. Love the texture of the pancake and also the aroma. Actually I just seated next to the auntie who sell this pancake and I saw the making of the pancake just beside me. But too bad, I did not take any photos of it. ^-^ I would recommend that you to try this pancake if you love this type of pancake. lol
***Updated 23.09.2009, I was informed by Lingzie that the pancake auntie moved again. We still not sure where she moved. But will keep updated if found her. ^-^ ***


SimpleGirl said...

loh mee and pan cake are lovely. I used to try one pancake in Pulau Tikus corner coffee shop when I was in Penang, but haven't tried this b4

tigerfish said...

Have not had pork blood cubes for some time now...

♥peachkins♥ said...

I love pork blood! wow! I must have a taste of that noodles..

ck lam said...

That pancake is good. I have yet to write about it, still in my folder...haha.

Big Boys Oven said...

very nice lar penang, you just drown me! :)

cariso said...

Sunday is close loh, too bad. I have past by a few times and it's always SUNDAYs :(

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

SimpleGirl - Yes that is one pf the popular spot in Penang. This is another one. You should try the pancake in your next trip to Penang. ^-^

tigerfish - Perhaps, it's the time to have some now. lol

peachkins - Yes, indeed. lol

ck lam - Yes agree...... the pancake is nice.

BBO - Come and test it in Spetember ya! lol

cariso - Go Saturday! Give it a try!

Lingzie said...

the pancake lady moved again la!!!! i just went to this kopitiam 2 weeks ago and was told that she moved!!
so now have to start hunting for her all over again!! sien! :(

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Lingzie - really.... aiks.... have to find her again. When you found her, let me know ya! Thanks!

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