Saturday, 27 September 2008

Kafeteria Dan Hotel Eng Loh

Back to Kafeteria Dan Hotel Eng Loh again. This is our second visit.

Bee Hoon Thn'g
Hubby had this and the bee hoon texture is very nice. Very QQ. I told my gal that it taste very nice after I tried. Then she asked hubby to let her to try some. After she taste it. hahhahaha...... she want more. So hubby went to order lor mee.

Char Koay Tiaw
I order this and their koay tiaw is not bad.

Lor Mee
Hubby comment that the lor mee soup is very thick and taste ok.

Breafast No.2
This is my gal breakfast. And this is the last one to arrive as most of the table order foods from this corner. My gal off course cannot finished it since she ate her daddy bee hoon th'ng b4 this. So I get the chance to taste some of her breakfast. I love their toast. It still taste very crunchy after 10 minutes. lol
If you like toast bread, you definitely have to visit this cafe. They offer lots of different toast. Will go back next time to try out their other toast apart from the peanut butter toast that I try in my last visit. lol


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