Saturday, 13 September 2008

Pusat Minuman dan Makanan Thong Lek

Location: 97 Jalan Macalister, Penang. (Opposite to Red Rock Hotel)
Business Hours: Morning only
Actually we want to try out this fried fish bee hoon for quite some time. But each time we passed by the shop, we never see the stall open. So we try our luck this morning. Bingo!!!! finally, we get the chance to try out their foods.
Fried Fish Stomach Bee Hoon and Koay Tiaw Th'ng stall
Fried Fish Bee Hoon
The soup is very nice. My gal had this and she kept drinking the soup and she told me, "Mummy, the soup taste great!".
The bee hoon had the right texture. Oh yes..... I want to mention about the fried fish. It is so crispy...... and the fish is so fresh and tasty.
Fried Fish Bee Chai Bak
Hubby had this. And he loves it too.
Bee Hoon Th'ng
I had this as this is one of their special too. But their bee hoon th'ng got so many ingredients. look at the pictures then you will know what I meant. I did not asked for any additional ingredients to be added. The taste vice is very nice.
****Please note that you have to go there early as hard to get a place to sit. Always "FULL HOUSE".****
Basically the food is very yummy but the environment vice is not go great. lol
Oh yes...... at night....this shop sell the popular Lai Lai Bak Kut Teh.


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