Saturday, 13 September 2008

Kedai Makanan Yee Heong

This is our second visit too Yee Heong. The first time we went there for breakfast and this time we went there for dinner.
Stir fry brocolli with assorted mushrooms and carrot
I think my gal finished most of the mushrooms from this dish. lol The dish is normal but taste nice.
Sizzling Hot Plate Tofu
Mum loves this tofu very much.
Butter Nestum Chicken
At first I am worried that mum cannot take this chicken since she don't like strong butter and milk smell. But out of surprise, she told us that it taste nice. lol
Steam "Ma Yu" fish
The fish is very fresh but many small bones. And end up, hubby and I are the one who finished it since mum don't like this fish and aunt is complaining that there are too many bones in there. lol
Overall, the food is quite nice and total bill for today is just MYR52.40 ( which including 6 rice + pot of tea for 5 persons)


cariso said...

this is one of my favourite spots too! cheap & good!

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