Saturday, 27 September 2008


Location: Gurney Plaza, Penang.

We went to shopping @ Gurney Plaza this morning. After we parked our car in the car park, we pass by.......

So hubby say he want to buy some later. So we went to shopping and slightly b4 lunch we went to buy some donuts for take away. Lucky that there are not many poeple and we dont need to queue up. lol 
They have many varieties of donuts to choose. Such as Pink Panther, Duren Duren, Chocoring, Rolling Stone, Kiwi Blitz, Semi Glacier, Say Cheese, Go Nutz, Kimochi, Mango Tango........ and many more.
So we bought 6 donuts as following:

Close up photos of Duren Duren and Chocoring
*****Please note that you have to consume the Duren Duren within 3 hours. This is to ensure the freshness of the donuts*****
My gal can't wait to eat the donuts. As she told us that she was starving. So she start eating that when we enter the car. Off course she will go for chocolate flavour. lol She loves the chocoring very much and since we need to consume the duren duren within 3 hours, so hubby and I share it. And the taste ------- very nice durian aroma. 


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