Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Batu Lanchang Market

We saw from Penang Food Galore that there are Chu Char @ Batu Lanchang market so we decide to give it a try. I ask Penang Food Galore for the business hours but got no reply from him. So we try our luck to see if it's open today.
When we went there most shops are close but we saw some still doing cleaning up. And they knew us and we asked them where is the chu char stall and they gave us the direction. But we are not too sure whether this is the stall that Penang Food Galore went. lol
The reasons are:
1. We did not saw the stall 76 coffee shops
2. When we want to order the following chicken, I told the person I want coffee chicken. That person is scratching his head....... coffee chicken???? lol Then he asked us is that Indonesia Chicken, with a bit of sauce???? We not sure, so we just order and try it out.
Indonesia Chicken
It is very nice. The chicken has been deep fried and it is very crispy. The sauce however is a little bit sweet. lol

ABC Soup

Stir Fry Ti Wan Chai

Stir fry nai bai with garlic
Overall..... their food is not bad and it is very cheap. Actually we order steam beancurd but they forgot. So the total bills with 4 rice cost us MYR32.20


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