Saturday, 27 September 2008

Restaurant Ramen Wang

Location: 11-A Lintang Burmah , Penang.
Tel: 04-2277298
Restaurant Ramen Wang

Interior of Restaurant Ramen Wang

Interior of Restaurant Ramen Wang

Chillies & Soya Sauce

Pink Lady
I order this drink since today is super hot day..... lol and it taste not bad......

Sesame Chicken Ramen
Hubby order this and guess what???? He is not satisfied with his order. lol He say next time he will not visited shop name like king of ramen (Ramen Wang)...... or something exaggerate anymore. lol Like few weeks ago we visited Tang Dynasty Imperial Noodle Restaurant
also the same things....... he is not satisfied with the foods. lol
This ramen is a little bit spicy and it's like dry instant noodles mee goreng. However, the sesame chicken is not bad.

This came with the miso ramen. Their tempura is not bad.

Miso Ramen
My gal and I share this miso ramen and tempura. I think that this ramen is not bad compare to the Tang Dynasty Imperial Noodle Restuarant. Since hubby complained that the sesame chicken ramen is not good, I let him had this. And he still not satisfied with it. lol (Very hard to pleased his tastebud nowadays) He comments that the ramen does not have the QQ texture. lol
Anyway..... the total bill is 33.60 (including 1 mineral water and the above foods + drink)


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