Sunday, 28 September 2008

Ban Chang Kueh @ Food Court next to Nissan Service Centre, Bayan Lepas

Location: Sungai Tiram, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Please refer to the map here.
We went there yesterday night again to had bee hoon th'ng. We brought along my MIL and aunt to try out the bee hoon th'ng. And they loves it very much. And my MIL also comments that the fish is very fresh. lol
After we finished our dinner, my hubby saw the following uncle is selling ban chang kueh and hubby asked me whether I want to have some. But I rejected it at first. But b4 we left, I went to have a close look. The ban chang kueh is very thin. So I decide to get some. And hubby bought 5 pcs since it is properly pack in a plastic bag.
I did not try it out yesterday as I am too full. lol So we try it out this afternoon.

Crispy Ban Chang Kueh
My gal loves it very much. It is very thin and crispy. If you like thin ban chang kueh, you should go and try this out. We bought peanut type. This stall sold different types of ban chang kueh too - such as cheese, corn, sausage...........


Anonymous said...

hey,your forgot to add the recipe,you sure you are not paid to do the promotion,lol

Food Paradise said...

Anonymous - I don't have the recipe. lol May be I should go back and ask them to pay me some $$$$ for helping them promote huh. lol

Nope I did not get any paid. I just blog what I think about the foods. It is just my personal view. lol

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