Thursday, 11 September 2008

Leng Jie Chicken Porridge and Rice

Location: Corner of Kimberly street and Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Penang.
We were thinking what to eat since most of the places is hard to get car park during dinner time. Hubby is asking us what to eat???
And my gal say RICE.
We went to the other places but no parking then hubby decided to take us to this place which they serve porridge and rice.
Leng Jie Chicken Porridge and Rice
Wow..... hubby commented this is the best chicken he had b4. (A bit exaggerated, right?) But it really taste nice and the chicken is very tender. It's like when the chicken went into your mouth, it melt. lol
****Please go and try it out yourself****
Vinegar Pork Trotter
Very nice..... the pork is very tender leh.... and the vinegar is good too. We left one piece behind as it is the fatty pork trotter. We don't really take the fatty parts. And the shop personnel kept asking us whether we want to "Take Away". lol We have been asked by 4 people leh. All of the shop personnel is very very friendly. Do stop by this shop when you want to have some porridge.
Lor Eggs
This is one of my gal favourite. The sauce is very tasty.
Plain Porridge
Well..... their plain porridge is very good. Actually..... it got chicken stock in there. Yummy!!!!!
BBQ pork
When you order this, they will fry it b4 serving you and the taste is nice and the pork is very tender.
Turnip Soup
Since my gal is having rice, they serve her with this soup and she finished it all as she told me it is very nice. And she let me try a small spoonful of the soup. And it really taste nice.
Overall..... the foods is really nice. Will surely come back more often. And the price is really cheap. It cost is MYR21.40 only. (Which including of 1 rice + 2 plain porridge + beverages - ice milo kosong, hot milo kosong and hot horlick)


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