Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Nan Yang Chinese Cuisine

Location: 164 Jalan Majid Kapitan Keling,
10200 Penang.
Tel: 604-2616618

Nanyang Chinese Cuisine Main Entrance

Inside of Nan yang Chinese Cuisine

Inside of Nan Yang Chinese Cuisine

"3 Cup Chicken"
It has very strong aroma of basil leaves. Taste vice is just so-so.

Yam Duck
Mum complained that the duck got a very strong smell. LOL

Steamed tofu with minced meat

Stir fry vegetables with prawn

"Bak Kee" Soup
Mum loves the "Bak Kee" very much. I think she finsihed all the pork from the soup. LOL but aunt does not like the smell.
Overall..... the food is just so-so only. But the price is very reasonable. It cost us MYR 79.50 with drinks and rice.


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