Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Location: Krystal Point B 303-01-06, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11900 Bayan Lepas.
Tel: 604-6441161

Interior of the restaurant
Korean Tea
This tea is free. And the shop assistant kept fill up the tea for me. lol
After we placed our order, they serve us:
Cabbage and Carrot

Lettuce and Zucchini
Well.... their kim chi is just so-so
Then came our...............BBQ set B
Pork again.....
BBQ our foods.......
wow..... the bacon really taste nice..... but very fatty. lol but once a while should be ok. lol
We order extra add on........

Enoki Buta Maki
This one is nice too..... enoki with pork..... after bbq........ yummy!!!!

Soups came with the BBQ set
The soup is very mild..... but taste ok for me.

Tori Udon
Hubby had this. And I like the Udon. The texture of the udon is very QQ.
Stone Rice
Not fancy about this stone rice. Nothing special.
Unagi Kabayaki
My gal.... loves unagi so this is for her. And she loves it.
Korean Pancake
Well..... the pancake is something like our chinese pancake. The pancake consist of onion....egg....some vegetables. It taste nice especially go with the sauce.
Korean Pancake Sauce
Although it is nice....... but you will feel very thirsty after the meal. lol
Fresh Watermelon
Overall.... the food is so-so. And the shop waiter and waitress are very friendly and nice.


cariso said...

price leh????? important to know leh..:)

Food Paradise said...

Opps.... forgot to put the price. It cost MYR192.70 but heard that Korean Palace is better and cheaper. Gonna try it out some day.

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