Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hai Boey Seafood @ Gertak Sanggul, Penang

We have been to Hai Boey Seafood for dinning since it's first started many years back. You can see that they have been upgrading themselves from a very small restaurant to a bigger restaurant now. Although we came here for many times but my MIL and family members never been here before. So hubby decided to brought them here and try out their foods.
As a starter, hubby ordered:
Fresh Oyster
Close up of oyster
They served it with a piece of lemon each and also with some Tabasco Sauce (They provide you with one bottle of Tabasco Sauce. If you don't like Tabasco sauce, you can omit that.)
Deep fried Brinjal with Chicken Mince
We have been ordering this for many times. As we found that it is nice. But please be extra careful as there is a small tiny stick in there. If you have child or elderly people who dine with you, please remove that for them.
Steam fish with garlic, chilies and lime
Since my MIL loves spicy and sourish foods, so hubby decide to order steam fish with garlic, chillies and lime. My MIL is the one who finished the fish each time. As she is the one who go after the fish head. lol
Stir fry tang hoon and mee hoon
This is the combination of tang hoon and bee hoon. During one visit with friends, we found out this dish and hubby falls in love with it since then. So he ordered this again for my MIL to try. She loves it as she comment that it is not oily at all and nice taste.
Bean curd with dried scallop, seaweed and mushroom
We ordered this before, but back then it was topped with small abalone. From my memory, I think the waitress did mention that it is top with mushroom. I guessed either they run out of small abalone or they decide to use mushroom to cut the cost. But the bean curd is nice and silky.
Braised dried oysters with mushroom and broccoli
When each time I saw this dish, it makes me recall Chinese New Year. As normally you will see this type of dish in the menu during Chinese New Year in most of the restaurant. This dish turns out to be nice and not salty at all. And the braised mushroom is very tender. As for the dried oysters, it has the right taste. Not too soft nor hard. Nice combination.

Herbal Chicken
Since they have herbal chicken for that day when we dine in, we decided to give it a try. As you can see from the photos that the chicken is very tender. It is full of herbal aroma and flavour. We love the soup. Even my gal loves it very much. I think we finished the soup but we cannot finished the chicken. lol
Overall, we love this place. As we reckon that it is quite a nice place for foods and scenery. Occasionally, we will bring some friends and families there.
For location, please refer here. My previous visit can be view from here and here.


Sin Tai Lim said...

Should have known this place earlier, I took my neighbour & family to Teluk Kumbar lately, they were disappointed and I got bombarded badly...dirty lah, so far lah (from Batu Ferrighi), too crowded lah etc etc.. so bad that I dare take any photos there. Thanks anyway for this posting.

♥peachkins♥ said...

the oysters look wonderful!I love it with some vinegar.

SimpleGirl said...

everyting look great! esp the herbal chicken...i simply love it

ck lam said...

I miss those deep fried Brinjal with chicken mince. You won't find them elsewhere.

Little Inbox said...

For the next visit, must try the deep fried brinjal with chicken mince. :) I plan to bring my parents there this weekend.

Duckie said...

i like the food but its a little too far

Jason Wong said...

Should try their Hor Fun, but not the expensive one. The normal 'wat tan hor' is good enough. or,

BearyInformative said...

food is nice but i feel it's a little too long a journey

gill gill said...

yea, the Deep fried Brinjal with Chicken Mince is a must

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Sin Tai Lim - Oh gosh.... I know your feeling. Anyway, you can try this when you come back to Penang again. ^-^

peachkins - Yes... it is very fresh. ^-^

SimpleGirl - Yup.... all the foods are great!

ck lam - yes.... it is a nice dish. ^-^

Little Inbox - Yes, you should give it a try. Something different!

Duckie - Yes... quite far for you but nearer for me. lol

Jason Wong - ok... noted. Will try that out next time. Thanks for the information! ^-^

BearyInformative - Thanks for dropping by. Yup.. foods are great. lol

gill gill - wow... you also like this dish ya.... ^-^

NaNcY tEo's page... said...

OMG, my saliva is dripping :P

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Nancy - hahaha..... the foods are nice. :P

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